More camera features of the Galaxy S23 are coming for older models

Samsung introduced several new camera features with the Galaxy S23 series in February and pushed further improvements with a massive update last week. In the meantime, the company has carried these features over to older Galaxy devices. One UI 5.1 brought many of these last month, while a few others, like Image Clipper, were recently introduced with the April update (for the Galaxy S22 series). But it’s not finished yet. The Korean company is working on equipping older models with additional camera functions of the Galaxy S23.

In a recent community post on Samsung’s South Korean forums, a moderator said that the company is in the process of adding front camera support in Pro and Pro Video modes to the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Z Fold 4. These phones will also come forward with camera support in the Expert RAW app. You get professional control when taking selfies and selfie videos. You also get the new 300x Astro Hyperlapse feature along with the Galaxy Z Flip 4. This allows you to capture the stars and star trails in the night sky.

In addition, Samsung is currently checking the compatibility of the Galaxy S23’s enhanced lens switching effect with the Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4. If everything works perfectly, it will soon bring this feature to these phones with a new update . It dynamically controls zooming to make changing lenses a seamless experience. Last but not least, the company says Image Clipper will be available for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20 and all foldable models except for the first-gen Galaxy Fold. As mentioned, the Galaxy S22 recently received this feature.

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The Camera Assistant update brings more new features to older Galaxy devices

In addition to these features, Samsung is also preparing to bring some more camera features to its Galaxy devices with a new update for the Camera Assistant app. The app recently added a “Prioritize focus over speed” feature to the Galaxy S23 series. As the name suggests, it improves your phone’s autofocus at the expense of focus speed. You can disable the feature if you want a quick shot and don’t care about precise focusing. The Galaxy S22 series will get this feature soon. However, there’s no word yet on availability for other models.

Other Galaxy S23 camera features that have recently reached older models include Expert RAW shortcut in the default camera app, new selfie effects, improved QR code recognition, improved photo remastering, GIF remastering, and subject auto-framing . The Gallery app also received improvements to search, story, and information features. We’ll keep you posted when Samsung releases these promised updates.

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