Motorcycle airbag systems are wheel, donut will show you why

Screenshot: Donut Media via YouTube

Life on two wheels is fraught with risk, and as someone who enjoys speeding around town on a motorcycle, it is your responsibility to do what you can to mitigate them. A good way to do this is to have quality gear like a good helmet, CE certified abrasion and impact resistant gloves, pants, boots and jacket that you wear every time you get on your bike. Now, however, there’s something else you can do that can make a big difference in crash survivability: wearing an airbag.

We hope Steve never has to test this motorcycle airbag vest

In case you missed it:

We’re big fans of airbag vests here in old Japolnek, and to get a glimpse of why, check out this awesome video the maniacs at Donut made about the technology. They focus on Dainese’s D-Air system, which is great, but definitely not the only system out there. Steve DaSilva and I, for example, have and use Alpinestars’ TechAir system.

I tested an airbag suit

So what is the TL;DR version of this? Basically, an airbag supports your head and neck in an impact, which is especially important because this helmet, which protects your brain from impact, also makes your head heavier and subject to a lot more G-forces. A good vest system will also protect your chest and back from impact by inflating before you actually come into contact with anything.

The intelligent part of modern motorcycle airbag technology relies on multiple gyroscope sensors and a computer that controls the inflation system based on extremely sophisticated crash detection algorithms. The benefit of this is that it’s smart enough to recognize when you’re having an involuntary descent, but the downside is that it can get confused at times and burn away if you don’t fall, but hey, Pobody is nerfect.

Most motorcycle airbag systems are also reusable, but require that you return the vests to the manufacturer for repackaging and recharging once deployed. Given the not inconsiderable purchase price of these systems, the repackaging service is pretty great.

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So if you drive, be radical (and lively) like us and the donut brothers and increase your safety with an airbag system.