Motorola is making a statement with the new Razr and Razr+ foldable devices

Today Motorola announced two new foldable devices. This time around, they’re sticking with the flip-style foldables, announcing the Razr and the Razr+. Aside from a few aspects, both are mostly the same. But next month only one will be available. Unfortunately, the Razr won’t be available for sale for a few months.

Motorola continues to look to the original Razr foldable phone from over 20 years ago as inspiration for this foldable device. Even if Motorola did away with the chin that made the Razr so unique and iconic in the 2000s. Motorola had to do this to make the cover display so large on the “Plus” model and wanted to keep the phones similar so both have no chin. However, the Razr is the thinnest foldable clamshell on the market at 15.1mm when closed and 6.99mm when open.

Specifications of the Motorola Razr 2023

Here are the specs for both of the new Razr folding devices.

Razr Razr+ Display 6.9 inch FHD+ 2640×1080
Poled 144Hz
HDR10+ certified1.5 inch 194×368
OLED 60Hz 6.9 inch FHD+ 2640×1080
Poled 165Hz
HDR10+ certified 3.6 inch 1066×1056
pOLED 144Hz Processor Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 RAM 8GB 8GB Storage 128GB 256GB Battery Capacity 4200mAh 3800mAh Charging Speeds 30W Wired
5W wireless, 30W wired
5W Wireless Software Android 13 Android 13 Rear Cameras 64MP wide f/1.7
13 MP ultra wide angle/macro f/2.2 12 MP wide angle f/1.5
13 MP Ultra Wide Angle/Macro f/2.2 Front Camera 32 MP 32 MP Dimensions open: 73.95 x 170.82 x 7.35 mm
Closed: 73.95 x 88.24 x 15.88mm Open: 73.95 x 170.83 x 6.99mm
Closed: 73.95 x 88.42 x 15.1mm Weight 188.6g 184.5g Price to be announced $999 Colors Sage green
vanilla cream
Buddleia Infinite Black
glacier blue
Viva Magenta (T-Mobile exclusive) available, announced June 23. New gap and wrinkle free hinge

Motorola has a brand new hinge on the new Razr models this year. Which they claim is gapless and wrinkle free. Because of the way the Razr folds and has curved sides, it may appear that there is a small gap, but in reality there isn’t. This definitely adds to the durability of the phone and helps keep wrinkles to a minimum.

Motorola states that there is still a crease there, but it’s significantly less noticeable compared to previous Razr models. So this is definitely good news. That’s one thing that a lot of people really don’t like about foldable devices these days.

The hinge is also very firm, allowing the Razr to sit at any angle. And with that, Motorola adds a number of features to use both displays simultaneously or even individually.

Nice software tricks on the new Razr

With a new foldable device comes new tricks to make the software work better on this new form factor. Motorola is still going for continuity, although that’s not really new. This is something new for Motorola, however, as it marks the first time that you can use apps on the cover screen, then open the Razr+ and continue using the app. On the older Razr, the screen wasn’t big enough for that.

While we’re talking about apps on the cover screen, they all work. App developers don’t have to do anything to make their apps work on the cover screen. Because of how Android works, they should all work on the cover display. Motorola has said every app they tried worked. Which is honestly really impressive. And you can even open a full keyboard on this screen.

Also on this cover display Motorola added more watch styles for you to add. There are also panels that you add to the title screen and that you can swipe between. That includes apps you want to use on screen, shortcuts to call people, Google Fit, Google News, weather and even playback controls. Motorola is really trying to make this display super usable for everything.

Prices and Availability

The Motorola Razr+ will be available for pre-order starting June 16th and will be available online and in stores a week later on June 23rd. It costs $999, but that’s right in line with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and the Flip 5 will be announced a month later.

For the Razr, on the other hand, there are no prices or availability. Motorola has only said it will be available in the “coming months”. They also said the price will be “significantly cheaper” than the Razr+. That’s not too surprising considering some of the specs compared to the Razr+.

Razr Razr+

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June 01, 2023