Mourning the loss of Dark Sky? Clime is the weather app that fills the gap in 2023

NEW YORK, January 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For many superfans, the demise of popular weather app Dark Sky comes as a blow. Dark Sky users who signed up for the app last month received a surprising message – the app would no longer be supported after that January 1st. Instead, they learned that portions of Dark Sky’s features would migrate to the new Apple Weather experience. This led to many avid weather enthusiasts looking for a new favorite app to get their daily forecasts.

The good news is there’s an unsung hero ready to fill the void left by Dark Sky – an app called climate. Launched in 2013, Clime is the number one choice iOS and Android App for those who not only want highly accurate up-to-the-minute weather updates, but also advanced severe weather tracking features.

Dark Sky users looking for a new home can expect the following features (and more) with Clime:

  • Accurate real-time weather alerts: Clime gets its forecast data from a variety of verified and trusted weather sources such as NOAA. Users can rest assured that Clime’s up-to-the-minute local weather warnings mean that the weather forecast is weather expected.
  • Severe weather report: For those living in areas more vulnerable to climate change, the line between everyday weather and severe weather is becoming increasingly blurred. Unlike other weather apps, Clime provides both daily weather forecasts and Advanced severe weather tracking functionality so you don’t have to switch between multiple apps to meet all your weather needs.
  • Hyperlocal Weather Forecast and Customization of Alerts: Similar to Dark Sky, Clime offers an intuitive forecast summary that can be customized to ensure you get the weather updates and reports you want to receive.

Unlike other weather apps that modify their systems to mimic Dark Sky, Clime’s methodology is tried and true. Clime remains steadfast in its weather forecasting technology and is focused on driving forward-looking innovations such as advances in severe weather forecasting in response to the increasing impacts of climate change.

Clime welcomes all Dark Sky users looking for a new home to try Clime for free. Clime offers a variety of free and paid subscription options and is available for download at app store and google play.

About climate

Clime is the all-in-one weather app designed to be your personal forecast assistant. With more than 70 million downloads worldwide, Clime is a trusted source for daily and severe weather tracking. Clime’s technology was introduced by Business Insider, 9to5Mac, Small biz trends, and many more. Clime, an Apalon brand, is a division of Mosaic Group. Go to iOS or Android App Store to learn more.

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