Move over Soanpapdi, Thoughtful Gifts to Brighten Your Kids’ Diwali

Diwali is coming and on a festival giving gifts is an expression of your gratitude to your loved ones. However, deciding what to give can be difficult, especially for children. So if you’re not sure what to give children, we have everything you need, whether you want to stick to the basics and give something traditional or are looking for a special, one-of-a-kind Diwali gift.

  1. Candy Gift Basket

The perfect Diwali gift for children is something sweet, preferably a chocolate bar, because children and chocolate belong together! A selection of treats such as chocolate covered biscuits, truffles, milk chocolate bars, toffee caramel, dark chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate bars etc. can be placed in a chocolate gift basket prepared by you. Watch how your child reacts when they see this bag of treats. On this holiday you can also convey to him the idea of ​​sharing and giving.

Traditional Diwali gifts often include nuts, dried fruits and sweets, but this may not always please your loved ones, especially children. Here are some innovative gift ideas.

2. Devices

The children of this generation are used to dealing with technology. Your kid will like receiving it as a Diwali gift even more if they enjoy gadgets. Smart watches, educational toy laptops and smart educational tablets are examples of handy gadgets that make excellent Diwali gifts as they can keep your youngsters entertained and delighted for hours. You can examine the incredible range of gadgets that are offered online. These can support the development of your child’s motor skills and serve as an excellent teaching tool.

3. Arts and Crafts Items

Art supplies make beautiful gifts and are a fantastic way to encourage your child’s creativity. Children love to sketch, paint, color and do crafts. Crayons, scent markers, watercolors, crayons, coloring books, sketchbooks and doodles are suitable gifts for children. To encourage your kid’s creativity, you may even give them a DIY craft kit.

4. Board Games

Kids would love to receive board games for Diwali like Snakes and Ladders, Sequence, Ludo, Life, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Jenga and Chess. Choose a suitable Diwali gift from the extensive selection of 500+ board games based on their age and spending limit. Such indoor activities teach your child the value of cooperation, teamwork, sharing, math, planning, coordination, counting and patience. In addition, this is a fantastic solution for Diwali holiday afternoons or rainy indoor days.

5. Piggy bank

What better way to celebrate a happy event than to teach your kids about finances? Give your child a piggy bank for Diwali and encourage them to save money for unexpected expenses. When looking for piggy banks available both online and in stores, you can choose between modern metal piggy banks and traditional clay gullaks. Giving your child a piggy bank would no doubt help them develop the habit of saving and budgeting for their money.

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