Mumbai man pays meal bill with coins at Taj Hotel, Internet Divided

The video was shared by content creator Siddhesh Lokare

Dining in a fine dining restaurant has its own set of rules and etiquette. People are expected to dress appropriately, respect table manners and pay the bill either in cash or by card. However, a content creator from Mumbai decided to do something different, using coins to pay his bill at a high-end restaurant. The creator, identified as Siddhesh Lokare, captured a video of his experience on Instagram, which has gone viral.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “Transaction matters friend, whether you’re doing it with a dollar or change.” The video opens to reveal text inserts that read, “Out of the blue I thought of im Taj Hotel to pay with Chillars. ”

Watch the video here:

The video opens to show Mr Lokare saying he chose to dress up in a suit to visit the restaurant at the Taj Mahal Palace. For his meal, he orders a pizza and a mocktail, then asks for the bill. When the waiter comes with the bill, he pulls a bag out of his pocket and, to the surprise of the other customers, starts counting the coins. He goes on to say that he could hear the sounds of the staff counting the coins.

At the end of the video, he shares a life lesson with his followers, saying, “Well, the moral of the experiment is that we’re so busy wearing layers based on the decency we’re surrounded with that we forgetting to embrace the rawness of being local at heart. Own yourself at heart for who you are and not for the situation or the people that await you.

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While some were impressed with the experiment, others were unconvinced by the stunt and criticized it for harassing staff.

One user wrote, “The moral of this experiment is how you try to let your surroundings influence your actions, but in the end it doesn’t matter!” Another said, “You want that same level of confidence in life.” A third said: “Accept yourself as we are and stop copying others. Make your own way, your own trend to follow people. Like someone just did it out of the blue with their ideas. Great morale Sid. Hug yourself.”

A fourth commented: “How inconvenient it must be for the staff to leave everything else and count coins, I hope you apologized for that.” Another added: “Owning yourself doesn’t mean inconvenience to others to distribute, LOL. ”

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