MWBE Small Business Promotion Week: 7Art Mobile Paint Party

Sven Nickerson 7Art

Get creative and show yourself with Sven Nickerson, an Arlington native and owner of 7Art Mobile Paint Parties.

Nickerson has always loved drawing and painting and showed talent from a young age, even designing the mascot and logo for an Arlington animal organization in 4th grade. But after graduating from Sam Houston High School, he was depressed about not getting a basketball scholarship, and it affected his art. Nickerson hasn’t picked up a paintbrush or drawn for almost seven years.

“God’s number is seven. So after seven years, in 2013, I started working in after-school programs and being creative again,” Nickerson said. “Working with children and being creative inspired me to realize that I have a purpose.”

From there, Nickerson did an internship at a paint party company before founding his own company called 7Art three months later.

“To be here in my hometown and to be able to use my gifts to empower people and educate everyone from children to seniors is amazing,” Nickerson said. “Just seeing their faces, when they first think, ‘There’s no way I can do that’, to leave feeling renewed and refreshed, saying ‘I can’t believe I did that’ and they’re proud of that I’m so thankful for what they did.”

When people book, the customer can choose the picture and the place of the painting party. They provide all paint supplies, music and an emcee.

“We give them step-by-step instructions on how to paint. We don’t let anyone down. Whatever image they chose, we try to dissect it and give them bite-sized pieces to complete the masterpiece.”

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7Art Mobile Paint Party offers different packs of adult, kids and family parties including an option for photography and DJ add-ons. Parties have a minimum of 10 participants. To find out more about their packages and to book, visit Or visit the One Start Development Center on the second floor of City Hall March 27-31, 2023 during Small Business Promotion Week. The city’s Planning and Development Services Department is also holding a Customer Appreciation Week at the same time, and will provide refreshments and bottled water for customers who attend the Small Business Promotion Table.

The City of Arlington is Highlighting Small Businesses Owned by Minorities and/or Women Throughout 2023. Canales Furniture, another small Arlington company that has grown significantly in recent years, wants to give back to the community and is sponsoring this program with the Department of Planning and Development Services for 2023. At their new headquarters at 102 E.I -20 Highway, they have dedicated a training room to their growing community, including free English classes, citizenship classes, and tutoring businesses on how to use social media as a marketing tool.

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