‘My boobs are discussed like a commodity’: Chhavi Mittal shuts down ‘insensitive’ comments on social media

Chhavi Mittal who was diagnosed breast cancer successfully defeated the disease after an operation in April last year. She has served as an inspiration to many, detailing her entire healing journey on Instagram and YouTube, and was often open about her challenges. But months after her recovery Chhavi continues to be trolled and scrutinized on social media.

Something similar happened with Chhavi, who was on a trip to Dubai recently posted pictures in a bikini by a beach with her family. This led to many users speaking out about her boobs in the comments section, with one writing: “breast cancer my breast cancer kaatne nhi padte? (you)”

The actor ruled out such trolls, writing: “Yes. This insensitivity still occurs. I posted some the other day vacation Pictures/reels from a beach and this comment caught my attention. My boobs are discussed here like a commodity.”

She began by saying “a Breast Cancer Survivors‘ who ‘fought very hard to keep this organ alive and healthy’.

Ask people to approach such issues with sensitivity, Chhavi adding: “While I totally understand the curiosity surrounding the subject, a little sensitivity wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think? This person went so far as to say, “Celebs are used to comments like this.” Well, celebrities are people too. They have emotions like normal people. They get cancer like normal people. They survive or succumb like normal people. So no. NOBODY is “used” to such insensitive remarks about the greatest battle of survival ever fought, which is both physical and physical. emotionally Effects that last a lifetime.”

Next, she shared how breast cancer surgery works. “There are lumpectomies (I had it) where they just remove the lump (not the whole breast). There are mastectomy, where the whole breast is removed due to the spread of cancer. This happens in advanced stages. (May I also insert a gentle reminder to get checked in time to avoid this).”

There is also a reconstruction. “I also had reconstructive surgery to get the breasts back to how they used to be. This was done by cutting off a piece of my latissimus dorsi muscle and creating a mini flap. silicones can be chosen in case of mastectomy. And no, I didn’t need silicones,” she said.

Chhavi said surviving breast cancer was “a life-changing experience” for her. “This is a new life I’m living and it’s not the same as the previous one. It’s been 7 months and I still have emotional days of crying at the discomfort I face on a daily basis through no fault of my own. But I can deal with it because it’s an honor to have a body that has survived all of this and stays beautiful day after day,” she said.

She ended her note with a gratitude to people who stood up for such insensitive comments on her behalf. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Love and peace,” she concluded.

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