My parents made a typo on my birth certificate – I found out when I was 15

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March 5, 2023 | 10:43 a.m



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A woman on TikTok claimed her parents made a typo on her birth certificate, and she didn’t find out the mistake until she was 15.

Gabby Mayor, who goes by the username @gabbbbb16 on the social media platform, shared more about the mishap in a video that has already racked up over two million views.

In the five-second clip, she sat in pajamas and stared into space while music played in the background, which included echoes of various voices.

“I was thinking about how my parents made a typo on my birth certificate and I didn’t find out until I was 15 that my real name was actually Babrielle,” she wrote in white letters in the video, presumably a misspelling of the name “Gabrielle . ”

The Post has reached out to the mayor for comment.

A woman on TikTok revealed that her parents made a typo on her birth certificate, and she didn’t find out until much later in life. gabbbbb16/TikTok

In the comments to Mayor’s video, many seemed to refer to her fight, as some viewers claimed her parents did the exact same thing on their birth certificates.

“My mom misspelled my name which was supposed to be Sonya not Sanya 😭,” typed one TikToker.

Another shared: “My real name is Kristen but I always spelled it Kristin and pronounced it Kristine. I didn’t know my name was Kristen until I moved out when I was 16…”

“My parents didn’t realize my brother’s birth certificate had the wrong birthday until he was about 6 years old,” admitted another. “Way too late to fix it, so now he has 2 birthdays 😂.”

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A second user revealed: “Same thing happened to me. Raised as a Taelor, only to find out at 18 that I’m actually a Tealor.”

According to the New York City Department of Health and Human Services, if your birth certificate contains a typographical error, it’s possible to have it amended — you’ll need to submit a correction either by mail or at an in-person appointment.

However, others tried to give the mayor a better sense of her “new” name.

“Babrielle goes hard,” wrote one viewer.

In response to their video, many admitted the same thing had happened to them. gabbbbb16/TikTok

Another viewer suggested, “The way I would own that and call myself Barbie.”

In other birth certificate news on TikTok in September, a woman shared that the same thing happened to her, but instead her misspelled name sounded like a “dirty word.”

User Chloe claimed her father also misspelled her name on her birth certificate, revealing that her real, legal name is “Chole”.

“Yes, my name is C-Hole, Coal, Chole — however you choose to pronounce it,” she admitted in the clip.

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