“My parents wanted me to be a lawyer, but I gave up my career for OnlyFans”

An Iranian-American model has revealed she has left her “dream job” as a lawyer to join OnlyFans after making £46,000 in the first few months.

Jazmen Jafar’s background couldn’t be more different than her naughty career.

The model grew up in California with Persian immigrant parents who taught her their values ​​of humility and education and expected her to “go into the business world.”

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However, the 28-year-old soon felt trapped by her future.

Two years ago, fate accidentally offered her a different path and now she uses her platform to initiate change.

Jazmen left her job as a lawyer to become an OnlyFans model (Image: Jam Press/@theprincessjazmen)

“Some classmates and I started talking about OnlyFans and I was curious,” revealed Instagram model @theprincessjazmen.

She was raised in California with Persian immigrant parents who expected her to “go into the corporate world” (Image: Jam Press/@theprincessjazmen)

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Jazmen opened her account in secret hoping to make some extra money (Image: Jam Press/@theprincessjazmen)

She’s now making six figures a month (Image: Jam Press/@theprincessjazmen)

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