NA dominates TFT Worlds, Setsuko and Rereplay in the top eight of the Monsters’ Attack Championship

North American players Setsuko and Rereplay aim to secure the region’s first Teamfight Tactics Worlds title at the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, dominating the leaderboard ahead of the tournament’s final day of competition.

A total of 32 players from nine regions around the world competed in the Monsters’ Attack World Championship over the past two days with one goal in mind and finished in the top eight. Prior to the sixth TFT World Championship, China had dominated with a total of three world titles.

North America has come close to a title, with Rainplosion at Dragonlands, Guubums and Goose at Gizmos & Gadgets, and Milk at the Reckoning Championship. And the Monsters’ Attack World Championship gave the SEA region a chance to win a world title for the first time in TFT history.

Setsuko has been on the ladder and NA tournament scene at every TFT World Championship. From wins in the weekly Giant Slayer Fight Night tournaments to number one on the North American TFT rankings, he came to the Monsters’ Attack World Championship with intent on winning a world title.

Looking to become a household name in TFT en route to the Worlds, Rereplay finished in the top four at the Corrupted Cup and secured a spot in the Worlds at the NA Regional Finals. Both players benefited from a diverse and healthy TFT set 8.5 meta during the first two days of the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, topping the overall standings on days one and two.

Screenshot via Riot Games and Rising Legends, TFT Worlds Ranking Top 16

Before the final game of Day Two of the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, the top ten players represented all nine regions. Flancy of China and SVM VBY1 were hot on the heels of the two NA players throughout Day 3, bringing the SEA region into the Worlds top eight for the first time. A total of seven regions were represented on the final day of the Monsters’ Attack World Championship.

Screenshot via Riot Games Rising Legends, Top Eight at TFT Worlds Setsuko (NA): 72 points Rereplay (NA): 71 points Flancy (CN): 67 points SVM YBY1 (SEA): 64 points Binteum (KR): 63 points Enzo ( EMEA): 63 points Shimapen (JP): 63 points TexSummers (LATAM): 61 points

For the final day of the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, points were reset, with players going head-to-head in a checkmate format. Any TFT player who finishes in the top eight has a chance to win the world title.

Both Setsuko and Rereplay appear to be strong for the final day of the World Championship, especially in the checkmate format where you need winning lobbies to win the championship title. China also has a chance through Flancy to secure the region’s fourth world title. YBY1 is in a solid position to also secure the SEA region’s first world title.

Fans can follow the final day of the TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship on Twitch from 6am CT.

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