Named after a poet, this app brings ChatGPT to iPhone for free

Day after day, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligences are present in the headlines of almost all technological media and in our work. In these little conversation assistants we found really useful tools when it comes to summarizing texts, searching for ideas or just answering questions.

Accessing ChatGPT is relatively easy along with other artificial intelligences already on the market, but it’s also true that the process could be even simpler. We’ve already talked about how to use ChatGPT with Siri on our iPhone. Now let’s talk about an app named after a poet that brings ChatGPT to iPhone for free.

ChatGPT and Anthropic always in our pocket

Poe is an application for iPhone and iPad whose simple objective is to allow us to communicate with ChatGPT and other conversational artificial intelligence like Anthropic. The app is free and contains no in-app purchases. The interface looks like any other messaging app we’re so used to. An interface where we ask questions and receive an answer in the form of a dialogue.

Highlight, yes, the suggestions of questions that we can ask before the answers that artificial intelligence gives us. A help to get used to getting more out of the first answers, maybe to specify details, ask for clarifications or just to put our original question into perspective. A help that, together with a selection of topics shown and suggested to us in an empty chat, accompanies us to discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence in a completely natural way.

Although the application’s interface is in English, we can safely speak in our native language, since both Chat GPT and other artificial intelligence understand Spanish well. In fact, we can use Poe to create translations into other languages ​​and ChatGPT will take care of the lyrics for us. The interface is, let’s say all, extremely simple and very visual, so it’s not easy to move around in it calmly and independently of the language.

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All in all, Poe is a good option to bring ChatGPT to our iPhone. An application where nothing else registers with our email address and phone number, we have access to this and other artificial intelligence. A remarkable simplification of the process that requires access to the API key and other procedures, allowing us to get started with the latest OpenAI in seconds.