Nanosys Inc. CEO Jason Hartlove to Keynote Combined OLEDs World Summit and Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum Events

MILPITAS, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nanosys is pleased to announce that President and CEO Jason Hartlove will deliver the keynote speech at the combined OLEDs World Summit and Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum events on October 26thth. He will discuss the company’s recent developments in quantum dot display technologies, leadership in heavy metal-free initiatives, and a look at how its quantum dots are being utilized in industries outside of the display ecosystem.

Consumer demand for ever-brighter, more colorful, and more energy-efficient displays continues to drive innovation in display materials. Quantum dots, phosphors and OLEDs are increasingly being used together to meet these needs. Nanosys sits at the intersection of all three light-emitting technologies as the company integrates its quantum dot technology into displays of all types including LCDs, MiniLED-LCDs, OLEDs, micro-LEDs and next-generation quantum dot nano-LEDs. Some of the most compelling new display products to launch in 2022, like Quantum Dot OLED, combine these technologies in new ways with incredible results.

Business Updates:

Nanosys recently completed the sale of its micro LED manufacturing facility to Avicena. Nanosys retains control of the relevant intellectual property for micro LED display manufacturing and mass transfer technologies, including over 180 patents. Nanosys is now providing Avicena with an exclusive license to use our microLED IP in optical transceiver products specifically designed for use in telecom, data center and networking applications. Nanosys offers tremendous value to microLED display innovators across the display ecosystem by licensing the underlying microLED IP and providing quantum dot color conversion solutions that will help accelerate time to market. Core IP on nanowire and standard selective area growth enable red, green, and blue micro-LEDs on the same wafer, enabling sub-micron pixel patterning precision and breakthrough yields.

In recent years, Nanosys has made significant efforts to ensure our quantum dot production remains efficient and environmentally responsible. In cooperation with industrial partners and regulatory authorities, Nanosys produces sustainable, heavy metal-free quantum dots with the best image quality and even better energy efficiency compared to quantum dots containing heavy metals. Nanosys is ready and welcomes regulations that limit the intentional use of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead in display technologies.

Breakthroughs in high-quality yet low-cost and environmentally friendly quantum dot technology are enabling quantum dots to be used in industries such as agriculture and solar energy, as well as in innovative display products, including virtual reality applications. The use of quantum dots is evolving in agriculture and solar, where the technology shapes and redirects sunlight to produce better crop yields and create new opportunities like active solar windows, thanks to pioneering work by companies like UbiQD. In displays, Nanosys’ quantum dot technology creates unprecedented color experiences and delivers the nanosecond response times demanded by virtual reality and gaming applications.

About Nanosys

Nanosys, Inc. is the innovation and volume leader in the development and delivery of Quantum Dot (QD) technology for the display industry. By 2022, industry-leading consumer electronics brands have shipped more than 60 million devices in over 900 unique products from tablets to monitors and TVs powered by Nanosys’ proprietary quantum dot technology. Nanosys’ growth acceleration is driven by the adoption of QD technologies in displays, which are expected to continue growing at a double-digit CAGR over the next 4 years. Founded and based in California’s Silicon Valley, the company operates the world’s largest quantum dot nanomaterials factory and has a robust and attractive intellectual property portfolio. The company owns or has exclusive license rights to more than 900 issued and pending patents worldwide, enabling it to seamlessly serve customers across the display supply chain and product market and to pursue long-term growth opportunities beyond displays.