NBA: Lagos Lawyer suspected killer, 33-year law enforcement officer

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has identified the police officer alleged to have shot and killed Omobolanle Raheem, a lawyer and senior adviser to Croston Homes in Lagos.

TheCable had reported that The shooting happened on Sunday.

The deceased and her family were said to be on their way from a Christmas service when they were shot at by an officer from Ajiwe Police Station in Ajah, Lagos state.

The incident has drawn widespread criticism, while Lagos Police Command said an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and two other officers are currently in custody over the incident.

In a statement Monday, Akorede Habeeb, the association’s national spokeswoman, said the stray officer had been identified as “Drambi Vandi,” a deputy police superintendent.

“Since this horrific incident, the NBA has taken the initiative to uncover the facts surrounding the murder of our member,” the statement said.

“In this regard, the NBA is able to report that the Lagos State Police Command has confirmed that our member’s alleged killer is a certain ASP Drambi Vandi, an officer who has been in the police force for 33 years!”

The NBA also requested that police “officially disclose and promptly communicate to Nigerians the full details of the stray officer and other officers responsible for this heinous act.”

“The NBA President has informed the police of the NBA’s determination to be a complainant in this case along with the family of the late Ms. Omobolanle Raheem,” the federation added.

“In this regard, the NBA President has assembled a team consisting of National Officers, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the NBA Lagos Branch and the Chairman of the NBA Ikeja Branch with a mandate to follow up this crime and carry out a swift but thorough investigation ensure investigation.”

In addition, during a meeting, the association said aAnother man was found to have been killed at Ajiwe Police Station by an officer belonging to the same station.

“The NBA confirmed that on or about December 7, 2022, another young man, described as Gafaru Buraimoh, who was innocently on his way to buy fuel, was murdered in Ajah in a manner similar to our member by a police officer who belonged to the now infamous Ajiwe Police Station,” the statement said.

“The NBA is concerned that Nigerian police appear to have returned to the dark days of police brutality and urges that no person or authority should lose the lessons learned from the #EndSARS protest.

“Members of the NBA and Nigerians can be assured that the NBA is committed to justice in this matter.

“Not only will the NBA investigate this incident, we will root it out and take steps to deal with anyone found guilty in any lawful manner.” We will ensure that this does not happen to any citizen again.”