NCSOFT Action-Adventure Game Project M – GDC 2023 Trailer

NCOSFT released a new trailer for Project M, an upcoming action-adventure game with “immersive interactive elements” currently in development for unannounced consoles, during Epic Games’ State of Unreal presentation at Game Developers Conference 2023.

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On March 22nd, NCSOFT unveiled the video at State of Unreal, Epic Games’ inaugural session at GDC, held in collaboration with its partners to showcase new Unreal Engine tools and technologies. Here Songyee Yoon, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at NCSOFT, was on stage to present the company’s latest venture, Project M, and its trailer.

In this trailer, a digital human version of Taekjin Kim, NCSOFT’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO), appeared on screen and guided viewers through the world and core gameplay of Project M.

This digital human was developed using NCSOFT’s proprietary AI technology combined with his advanced art and graphic technology skills. The digital human voice in the trailer was generated using the company’s AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis technology. It is used to translate textual information into natural human language that reflects a specific person’s voice, accent, and emotions.

The digital human facial expressions and lip sync were generated using the company’s voice-to-face technology. It is an AI-based facial animation technology that automatically generates facial animations that match the given text or voice. The AI ​​technology, combined with the company’s visual technologies, created the realistic facial expression of the digital human.

NCSOFT CSO Songyee Yoon said, “Project M is our latest innovation, harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI and graphics technology at an unprecedented level.” seamless integration of our foundational AI technology, resulting in stunning detail.”

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“We’re excited to see NCSOFT driving Unreal Engine 5 for Project M, and the high-fidelity digital humans they’re creating are truly amazing,” said Tim Sweeney, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Epic Games.

Project M is one of NCSOFT’s latest projects – an action-adventure title with immersive interactive elements in development for consoles. Project M’s world is made up of particles of information, and players can simulate the time and space currently provided. The core game is designed to expand and change the story with the information the player gains during their gameplay.

Running on Unreal Engine 5, Project M is dedicated to integrating lifelike graphics based on its advanced 3D scanning, motion capture, and VFX (visual effects) technology.

Check out the trailer below.

GDC 2023 trailer