Need a toothbrush with social media followers?

How do you brush your teeth? It’s an easy task, but if you believe the hype, you might be doing it wrong.

Dental care has become an emerging activity, with celebrities taking to social media to show off their high-tech brushes.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner shared a sultry black and white snap of herself with a £50 Moon toothbrush, captioned “Brushing better.”

Your Sonic Brush has five different cleaning modes including White, Polish and Massage.

But what exactly does an “elite toothbrush” do, and can it really add that extra sparkle to your smile?

Dental care has become an emerging activity, with celebrities taking to social media to show off their high-tech brushes. Stock image used

Could the extra frills turn you into a celebrity brush? SARAH RAINEY gets ready to say cheese. . .


Floe Electric Brush, £100 (

Floe Electric Brush, £100 (

Invented by a British duo, Floe’s trendy brushes come in black and turquoise, are made from oxidised aluminum and have two modes: ‘Dawn’, which vibrates slightly faster (37,000 times per minute) than ‘Dusk’ mode (35,000 per minute). .

BRUSH TEST: The bristles are nylon rather than the usual polyester, are gentle on my teeth, and the sonic vibrations feel like they’re cleaning without the abrasive scrubbing. My only groan is that the Dusk toothpaste is a combination of lavender and mint that tastes like perfume.

VERDICT: Like a deep cleaning from the dentist – at home.



Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush, £49.99 (

Ordo Sonic+ Toothbrush, £49.99 (

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Fancy toothbrushes vibrate thousands of times per minute, so the best brush of all needs to vibrate even more, right? That’s what the Ordo team must have thought when inventing the Sonic+. It vibrates at 40,000 pulses per minute and has four modes: Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive.

BRUSH TEST: My toothbrush comes in a social media-friendly shade of Pearl Violet. I choose the “white” mode and regret it: the brush buzzes so quickly in my mouth that I scale it back to the softer “sensitive” setting, but then it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much.

VERDICT: Looks good on the sink but my teeth felt cleaner.



Brushed Sonic Electric Toothbrush, £59.99 (

Brushed Sonic Electric Toothbrush, £59.99 (

Brushd has won over celebrity fans with its bamboo brushes and chewable tablets that replace toothpaste and mouthwash. There are three modes – Clean, Sensitive and Brighten. There’s even a magnetic wireless charger that you can attach to your sink or mirror.

BRUSH TEST: I love the ethos behind this brush, but while their bristles are nice and soft, they don’t feel like they’re doing much to keep my teeth or gums in check.

VERDICT: It might save the planet but I’m not sure because of my smile.



Spotlight toothbrush, £71.50 (

Spotlight toothbrush, £71.50 (

Made by dentists Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, this is less fancy than some competitors. It has three modes – sensitive, clean, and white – and a top speed of 48,000 pulses per minute.

BRUSH TEST: This is expensive so I have high expectations and I won’t be disappointed. The bristles are medium soft, gently curved to reach gaps and awkward teeth, and even the lowest setting feels like it will do just fine. The brush comes with nine months of spare heads and a travel case.

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VERDICT: An excellent cleaning.



Suri Sustainable Electric Toothbrush, £95 (

Suri Sustainable Electric Toothbrush, £95 (

The British developers claim Suri is “the last toothbrush you will ever buy”. Its recyclable heads are made from cornstarch and the bristles are made from castor oil. The brush vibrates at a rate of 33,000 pulses thanks to an ultra-quiet sonic motor and features a UV charging case that claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria.

BRUSH TEST: This sleek toothbrush has a sleek feel and is remarkably quiet. But the proof is in the cleanliness: my smile shines brighter after a few uses, with the clever W-shape of the bristles removing plaque and tartar from my teeth.

VERDICT: I would swap my regular brush for this one in a heartbeat.