Netevia Shifts Conversation With Traditional Merchant Services With Mobile Banking, Merchant Services Bundle

New neo-bank to help ISOs further monetize merchant relationships

MIAMI , January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Netevia Banking is a full-featured mobile banking app that provides a single point of entry for ISOs looking to manage banking, payments and cash flows. Netevia is a platform independent solution and offers a range of products and services including portfolio management for traders and various processing plans to take their business to the next level.

“Netevia Banking is not your grandfather’s bank. We are revolutionizing the way small businesses interact with the banking system, and we are also providing the ISO community with new ways to monetize their relationships with small businesses,” said Vlad Sadovsky, CEO of Netevia. “ISOs can earn residuals not only on processing payments, but also on banking services like deposits, balances and debit spends.”

After its official launch in early February, Netevia Banking will provide small businesses with a better banking experience by solving problems that traditional banks are either unwilling or unable to solve. Netevia Banking also offers unlimited virtual cards, same-day access to funds, a direct line of communication between merchants and the underwriting team, and a two-hour approval window.

“We already have an extensive list of established ISO relationships,” Vlad Sadovsky explained. “But we’re also actively looking for new ISO relationships that offer banking as a standalone option or alongside settlement.”

Eligible companies are asked to participate in the certified ISO banking program. Upon completion, certification is granted, which offers the opportunity to resell the program. ISOs that process large volumes are also offered branded cards for their businesses.

Small businesses banking through Netevia benefit from:

  • Competitive pricing for account balances
  • Cash Back Business Debit Cards
  • Automated connections to external bank accounts
  • Ability to create multiple accounts, digital cards and authorized users to manage cash flow
  • Fast financing of card claims

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Netevia is one of the fastest growing technology platforms, powering the future of payment processors, ISOs, integrated service providers and merchants. Leveraging its proprietary operating platform, Netevia offers its partners a seamless way to build and scale their businesses. Netevia’s robust suite of embedded financial tools is a modern, merchant-centric alternative to traditional banking that provides faster access to cash flow and innovation, and simplifies the merchant experience. Visit for more information.

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