“never seen a baby”

Videos of a 15-month-old English Bull Terrier puppy shared on TikTok have wowed the internet.

Lizzy Walters, from Derbyshire, England, has shared videos of her new pup, Nova, with thousands of followers and TikTok users who have been smitten with the pup.

The English Bull Terrier, also known simply as the Bull Terrier, was first recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

These dogs were first popularized in Britain in the 13th century and bred for bloodsports. Even as late as the 1830s, when blood sports involving animals were banned, the practice continued illegally for some time.

Bull Terrier puppy Nova has wowed the internet after many said they’ve never seen a Bull Terrier [email protected]/TikTok

Today, these mischievous and playful dogs are popular pets. With their distinctive “egg head” they thrive on affection and exercise and are often loyal, lovable and entertaining companions.

“We got her in January,” Walters told Newsweek. “She is our first Bull Terrier and we chose the breed because of her looks and personality. The breed has long been one of our favorites.”

After bringing Nova home, Walters began sharing her new pup’s adorable antics on TikTok, where viewers had a surprising reaction – they were amazed to see a bull terrier puppy.

“[I’ve] I’ve never seen a baby,” said one commenter, while another viewer wrote, “Aww such beautiful dogs I had two of these wonderful dogs.”

“Absolutely adorable,” said another viewer, while one said, “I love terriers, I want one of these next.”

“I was literally just saying I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppy of these,” said another commenter.

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But Walters wasn’t that shocked after reading all the comments about seeing a bull terrier puppy for the first time: “We weren’t overly surprised as they’re pretty rare these days,” she said.

The bundle of energy Nova still has a lot to grow and get used to, but is already bringing a lot of joy to her new home.

“Her personality is so loving and loving but also crazy and energetic,” Walters said. “Her favorite things to do are snuggle in your lap and eat peanut butter.”

“Mine is now 10 months old and crazy,” said another Bull Terrier owner in the comments on TikTok, “I can’t go anywhere without people commenting.”

Walters agreed, saying, “Everywhere we take them, people have stopped us to say hello, everyone loves them!”

With more than 643,000 views of her video from Nova, Walters was shocked by the viral reaction: “I didn’t expect the video to go viral, but I love that there are as many lovers of the breed out there as there are people.” consider ugly or dangerous because of their looks.”