New Apex Legends Mobile Trailer Reveals The Story Behind Fade’s Signature Weapon

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions is just days away, and developer Respawn Entertainment is mostly sticking to the traditional season-launch formula: write a blog post, upload a launch trailer, and release some patch notes. But yesterday, the developer surprised players with a new, fully animated trailer called Meet The Constellation. The video tells the story of how Fade acquired his signature weapon, The Constellation.

Signature Weapons are the mobile game version of the Heirloom Weapons that players can unlock in the console and PC versions of Apex. Though episodes of Stories From The Outlands often revolve around the story behind a specific character’s heirloom weapon, Respawn has never uploaded trailers focused solely on heirlooms prior to this week, making yesterday’s upload quite a surprise.

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“Meet The Constellation” ist näher an einer Episode von Stories From The Outlands als an der “Meet [New Legend]“Trailers that Respawn makes for the console/PC version of the game as they tell a story rather than focusing on legend abilities and meta-comments. The animated short features a meeting between Loba and Fade, who have agreed to meet at a high-class restaurant – one clearly chosen by Loba, judging by Fade’s annoyed expression. They plan to discuss the acquisition of something, the Fade been chasing after for years: the final fragment of The Constellation, a family heirloom with great significance Deal with the Phasing Punisher: He’s missing the last piece of the weapon – a piece stolen from the corpse of one of his brothers.

Arriving fashionably late, Loba calmly discusses Fade’s plan of action and gives him step-by-step instructions on how to infiltrate the facility where the final piece of The Constellation is being kept. At one point, Loba says she used her Jump Drive bracelet to sneak past security, implying that she has broken into this facility in the past as well. It’s possible this is the same facility that Loba infiltrated to recover her mother’s folding fan, which she then used to create her own heirloom weapon, the Garra de Alanza.

On Loba’s advice, Fade successfully recovers the stolen piece of his heirloom weapon, taking out a few baddies (and security cameras) in the process. The trailer ends with a flashback to his conversation with Loba. After giving him advice on the best way to sneak into the facility, she gets up to leave. Fade, surprised she didn’t demand payment, asks how much he owes her.

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“Consider this free advice,” she replies, walking toward the exit. “It’s always nice to meet talented people … and of course I understand the things we do for the family.”

Once Fade gets close enough to the missing piece, The Constellation will automatically reassemble.
Once Fade gets close enough to the missing piece, The Constellation will automatically reassemble.

It seems Fade has found an ally in Loba. But she’s not the only friend Fade has made since joining the games – if you can see that moment from the Season 3 launch trailer, Fade and Crypto are getting along well too. That’s not too surprising – in Season 5 of the console and PC versions of Apex, Loba made it clear that she knows Crypto’s real identity, but she hasn’t outed him. The notoriously paranoid legend seems to trust her now.

Adding fade to the mix makes things even more interesting. This particular trio of befriending Legends could mean trouble for the Mercenary Syndicate that runs the Apex Games, as these three Legends all have two things in common: devotion to their families and a hunger for revenge on the people who feed them Families have taken away from them. Although Heirloom Weapons and Signature Weapons do not deal additional melee damage to players in-game, episodes of Stories From The Outlands and other outside lore sources feature them as incredibly powerful and easily capable of inflicting serious physical damage. With that in mind, the syndicate officials who run the Apex games might want to invest in a red EVO shield.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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