New lawsuit blames social media apps for teenage addiction and self-harm / World of digital information

A new lawsuit has been filed in California federal court accusing social media giants of willfully ignoring the huge harm they are causing users.

From Metas Apps to TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and more, the case says all of these companies have intentionally ignored the dangers they pose, especially to children and young people.

It was last October when we heard more about this case and how more than two dozen complaints were filed, and that led to this single class action lawsuit. But now the case has picked up steam and we’re hearing more about it.

Among the long list of allegations, many ailments have to do with the use of algorithms that trigger many addictive behaviors that lead to anxiety, insomnia, depression, and some serious eating disorders that lead to self-harm.

The documents presented at this point have clearly never been seen in the past, and it’s terribly disturbing how many social media companies treat this endeavor as something related to public relations, compared to their own platforms being a pose a real threat to security.

This means burying internal investigations that record such damages and also blocking all possible security measures as they tend to reduce the exposure observed there. Finally, they unburden all those teams that prioritize user mental health as they don’t find it profitable.

More specifically, the lawsuit added that such big names in the tech world encourage addict behavior and bypass all kinds of parental guidance and control. They also do not confirm the age of the users and finally protect against various types of harmful content and also proliferate such content.

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The lawsuit even goes as far as sending a message to Mark Zuckerberg stating that Meta has been off track in terms of succeeding in so many core wellbeing-related issues. And the complaint is backed up by internal studies conducted by Meta itself. The alarming results showed that their own platforms pose a huge risk to a younger audience.

But Meta disagrees, saying it’s working hard to maximize security and privacy for the app’s users. They also claim to increase funding to ensure users’ rights are protected in the right way.

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