New State Mobile is reinventing Bounty Royale for the next update

Krafton have a new update on the way for New State Mobile as they announced they are reinventing the Bounty Royale mode.

Krafton Inc. has released new details for the next update for New State Mobile as they look to reinvent the way their Bounty Royale mode works. This time, they will increase the number of players who can participate and introduce new missions, such as collecting map items to craft. Also, it doesn’t set death caps, but rather a penalty for how many times you die. You can read more about this below, along with details on a map update and more.

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“Bounty Royale first appeared in August 2022 as a limited-time option for the “AKINTA” map in NEW STATE Labs. The newly revamped Bounty Royale supports up to 32 human players in squads without fear of AI-controlled bots on the map. About: Players earn points for their team by collecting data from devices scattered around the map or by they complete missions. There is no limit to how many times a player can respawn after their death, but each death costs the team a portion of their valuable point pool. Squads that fail to collect a set amount of data in each stage are eliminated, and the squad that survives to the end wins.”

“Before a game begins, players can choose from a variety of preset weapons and gear. The specific gear available is tied to the player’s mode-specific Bounty Royale level. For example, players at higher tiers can choose from a narrower selection of gear, but they can win more rewards. The Bounty Royale can be played for 8 hours daily from 8am to 4pm. The latest update from New State Mobile also allows gamers to enjoy higher quality graphics on powerful smartphones and tablets. Before the patch Setting the frame rate to 90 FPS only allowed players to fall back on the “Light” graphics option. Now those equipped with the latest hardware can expect to find more options than this in the graphics settings menu.”

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“A new Light Machine Gun (LMG), the MG5, has also been added. Found on all New State Mobile maps, the MG5 uses 7.62mm ammo and offers plenty of firepower to supplement its massive magazine. The magazine capacity increases even more with the advanced magazine customization, increasing the magazine size from 50 rounds to 100 rounds (at the expense of reload speed). A separate weapon update will add the 5.56mm barrel adaption for the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) “SLR”. has been changed to Incendiary Rounds. Enemies hit by an incendiary round take incendiary damage for 6 seconds and their aim is limited. The protagonist of the newly released Survivor Pass Vol.19 is the “Blocker” of the GLC faction. Upgrading a Pass By upgrading to a Legacy Pass, users can purchase the “Imperial Guard Set” separately.

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