New State Mobile Launches Dead By Daylight Crossover Event


Krafton Inc. and Behavior Interactive have teamed up to create a new one Dead by daylight Crossover Event in New State Mobile. Starting next week, you can run around the map with some familiar faces from the DBD universe chasing you while dressing up as your favorite survivors in a variety of outfits. Plus some new additions to one of the maps to give you a little nostalgia for places you were trapped in the other universe. You can read more about the collaboration below, which begins this Wednesday.

New State Mobile Launches Dead By Daylight Crossover Event
Photo credit: Krafton Inc.

The collaborative theme, Fright for Survival, emphasizes the Halloween spirit while focusing on each game’s core survival themes. The video shows in an exciting way the special hide and seek mode that takes place in Paradiso on the new map Akinta. Additional short form content will also be released starting October 26th to celebrate Halloween.

  • Spooky Cosmetics: Details of special offers Dead by daylight In-game items have also been revealed. Until November 24th, players can get different ones Dead by daylight Items such as helmets, backpacks, frying pans, and parachutes, as well as costumes representing some of them New State Mobile‘s notorious killers. Rewards can be obtained through mission success events with special ones Dead by daylight Profile effects to complete everything.
  • Help celebrate New State Mobilefirst anniversary: To celebrate the first anniversary of New State Mobile‘s launch, a special in-game event will take place from November 1st to November 30th. A total of 15 missions will be revealed, one type each day, as well as special anniversary costumes, parachutes, and weapon skins awarded to players for completing missions. A special lobby background and background music will also be available during the event, and from November 1st to November 13th, players who log in will receive the Kinda Cute Dance emote. New State Mobile for free.
  • Survival Pass Vol 12: Finally, this month’s update brings Edward from the Hunters Faction to celebrate the latest Survivor Pass. Edward’s costumes and face skins can be obtained for free by completing all story missions. Users who purchased a Premium Pass can have all New State Credits refunded when they reach a certain pass level.

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