New Thrilling Features with Lionel Messi

Every two months that PUBG mobile App gets updates with new content like features, modes, themes, events and rewards. These updates will greatly improve the gaming experience for hundreds of millions of players. Now PUBG Mobile 2.3 updates have arrived, bringing many new features and improvements. The main attraction is the inclusion of a football madness theme and the collaboration with Argentinian star Lionel Messi. As usual, the update is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. So, What’s new in this latest PUBG 2.3 update? Let’s take a look!

PUBG Mobile 2.3: Football Mania mode overview

In this new mode, players will see a new location on their map called “Football Carnival”. Players receive a significant amount of loot, other utilities, and some credits in this carnival. There will only be one football carnival on the map. Players can guess from the description that it’s a hot drop like others, so expect a lot of enemies to fall on them when they land. For players who like gunfights, Football Carnival mode is heaven for them.

There will be different mini soccer fields than those on the Livik map. Players can play football at these places. Players can get lots of soccer related equipment and especially Lionel Messi boots from soccer activity site. In the following section we describe the peculiarities of this football carnival mode.

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Key features of PUBG Mobile 2.3 update

From the name of the game mode, you can already guess that it is related to the 2023 World Cup. Let’s see what else you get in this update.

Messi’s golden shoes

Fans were thrilled when PUBG announced a collaboration with Lionel Messi a few months ago. Now things are getting serious and you can access Messi’s gear in PUBG 2.3. In this mode, players can pose as Messi with his special golden shoes. Players can get the shoes at the Football Carnival Arena. With Messi’s Golden Boots, players can now achieve super running speed for 5 seconds.

And it cools down for another 5 seconds. Best of all, players can use it unlimited times in one game. This feature is actually similar to web shooter Spider-Man: No Way Home modes. However, the spawn rate in the golden shoes is limited. So there will be a lot of competition among players. Messi’s golden boot is available until January 3, 2023.

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In addition, the players will receive the exclusive jersey with chaotic motifs. However, players must update and join by December 10th. Each player is eligible to receive a cooperation jersey during this period.

Zorb soccer vehicle

It’s certainly a great addition to the mode. The Zorb Vehicle resembles a normal backpack. Once activated, it becomes a large soccer ball and players can travel by sitting in it. In addition, players can even fight and finish off enemies with this soccer vehicle.

It seems more like a real gyroscope ball car. In team sports, teammates can even kick this vehicle for a speed boost, increasing detail. This vehicle can move at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

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Huge loot box

A large loot box is hidden in the secret location of the football carnival. Players must use the crate to get the grand prize. These items can include Airdrop-exclusive weapons, level 3 helmets, and other such goodies. However, this is a challenge to find the crate.

miracle football

It’s a grenade-like throwable item that flies through the air like a ball and can be used similarly to a grenade. When it explodes, it causes a shockwave that can easily push the character back to where they were originally standing. The same applies to the teammates. It can be used effectively against soldiers hiding in underground bunkers.

mini soccer fields

Mini soccer fields are available on the map for players to play with teammates on a field. These facilities look similar to those in Livik. After winning a game here in the mini soccer field, players can receive small prizes and tokens. It’s a good place for adventure seekers.

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PUBG Mobile Football Mania mode tips and tricks

Here are some additional tips and techniques related to this Football Carnival mode from players who have already updated to 2.3.

Players are entitled to an automatic recall card once they land at the Football Carnival. Unlike other modes, the player can easily recall himself after losing an early battle. So fetching should be easier and faster than any other mode.

If a player is looking for a safe exit from the carnival, they can simply use the Air Cannon or Air Conveyor, which is an excellent option for a quick retreat. However, you should be particularly careful when using it. This is because enemies can attack and blow up the pod with shots. And this will end the player’s riding.

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Since carnivals usually take place in huge open spaces, players have to think about the campers. For this purpose, they should visit the venue together. There are many buildings with hiding places, so it is likely that players will encounter many hidden enemies.

last words

PUBG Mobile 2.3 was released worldwide on November 15. The update is 688MB for Android users while it is 1.84GB for iOS users. The collaboration of PUBG Mobile With Lionel Messi makes it unique and exciting. Players can download it directly from Google Play or the App Store. Overall, this update is a great addition to the game that makes it more exciting and exciting to play.