New York City Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Ryan Besinque Explains the Factors that Affect How Long an Uncontested Divorce Takes

New York Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque ( publishes a new article that discusses the factors that affect the length of an uncontested divorce affect New York. The lawyer mentions that people often think that all divorce cases involve arguments and litigation. However, statistics show that in New York almost 80% of divorce cases are uncontested, showing that divorce cases in New York are usually resolved with minimal court intervention.

According to the New York City Uncontested Divorce Attorney, “One of the key benefits of uncontested divorces is the fact that, on average, they take less time to finalize than uncontested divorces. A contested divorce can take anywhere from 9 months to years before a divorce decree can be signed. In an uncontested divorce case, that time frame is significantly reduced.”

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The attorney explains that the circumstances of the divorce usually have a significant impact on how long an amicable divorce can last. Earlier mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods usually help finalize the divorce more quickly, and a couple can enter mediation either before or after filing for divorce.

Attorney Ryan Besinque says another factor that will determine how long the divorce will last is the court backlog. Because there are few judges in New York City courts, a large backlog in the number of cases can affect the time it takes to review documents filed for divorce.

In the article, attorney Besinque adds, “Upon service of a copy of the divorce papers, the defendant — or the husband or wife of the spouse filing for divorce — has 20 days to respond to the case if they live in New York.” Federal State. They get an additional 10 days allowance if they live outside of New York. In an ideal uncontested divorce scenario, the defendant would respond as soon as it is served.”

Finally, attorney Besinque says it’s important to seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney when someone is considering a divorce in New York. An experienced attorney can help potential clients understand their rights and responsibilities in a divorce case.

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