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Winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner. Accordingly, manufacturers know that people will be cleaning up their office space and looking for fresh gadgets. Hence, this can be an expensive time as office furniture can be a costly investment. Fortunately, however, the team at Flexispot hopes to alleviate some of that burden with their Flexispot Spring Sale.

In March 2023, Flexispot is offering a massive discount of up to 33% off the marked price on most of its goods. This offer is valid every Wednesday throughout March. As such, you can make huge savings on some of their market leading chairs and standing desks. I’m not one to drive sales but we’ve been fortunate enough to review many of their products and we absolutely love them.

What our reviews say about Flexispot. Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 gym chair.

So the Flexispot Sit2GO 2-in-1 exercise chair is two things in one – it’s a chair and an exercise bike (but no handlebars). The idea is that you can sit at a desk or a table (or anywhere else) and move around while you work, read a book, or basically do whatever you would be doing if you were just sitting.

Flexispot standing desk E8.

The desk is very comfortable to use, offers plenty of space and can be easily positioned as you wish. My only gripe, and that’s a strong word too, is that there are two round holes in the tabletop for cords, but there aren’t any caps, so there are just big holes there, which detracts a bit from how good the tabletop actually is looks. You can easily buy caps that fit for a few pounds, but it would have been better to include them in the box rather than having to source them from a third party.

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Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 Premium.

The desk features a smart cable management system that organizes cords. There is a large groove for you to tuck the cords and wires inside the frame to create a tidy desk. This will help you avoid accidents such as tripping or slipping that could result from a messy floor with loose cords. Also, organized cords will help you distinguish the right wires of the devices you have on your desk.

Flexi-Chair BackSupport office chair BS1B.

The chair itself is also fully adjustable. You can raise and lower the seat, and you can also move the seat cushion in and out to find the perfect seating position. The back of the chair is made of breathable rubber, so it comes in handy on the occasional hot day when you have to sit all day! The seat cushion is padded and very comfortable. You can also put the arms in the position you want!

Flexispot EHD2 standing desk.

I couldn’t help but love it from the moment it was set up. With a stylish look, great storage, smooth movements and a heavy and sturdy nature, it’s an excellent desk. Yes, it’s a little fiddly to set up, but that doesn’t matter once you’ve set it up.

Q8 8-in-1 standing desk.

No doubt I adore this desk. It is not only robust and well made, but also looks great. I appreciate the eco-friendly bamboo top and the stunningly simple metal finish. In addition, the built-in charging point, USB ports and excellent control unit make it easy to use. In addition, the small but effective drawer and cable management system are well thought out. Then many boxes are ticked.

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Don’t miss the Flexispot Spring Sale.

If you’re looking for a new standing desk or office chair, look no further than the Flexispot Spring Sale. With up to 33% off the listed price (every Wednesday in March 2023) this is an offer you can’t refuse. We love their furniture and recommend them for your office space.

(More information about Flexispot can be found here!)