Nick Cannon joins the Nepo Baby discourse

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Just as the talk of the controversial term “Nepo baby” had finally died down, actor, comedian and TV presenter Nick Cannon brought the topic up again when he discussed his children’s potential careers.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cannon, who has 12 children with six different women, revealed that he would support his children if they decided to become part of the entertainment industry. The 44-year-old added that while it would be an “almost easy” path for her, he would like his children to pursue a career where “effort and perseverance” show:

“Of all my kids, I think it’s okay if they want to be in entertainment, but it’s almost easy. I want you to do something that’s challenging, to think outside the box so you can see effort and perseverance and those things because you’re a Nepo baby. A child has advantages. You’re just like, ‘Oh, that’s natural.'”

When the topic shifted to why Cannon enjoys watching his kids get involved in things unrelated to the industry, like sports, he admitted it was because these activities compel an individual to work hard in order to achieve success.

As the discussion continued, Cannon claimed that these activities would help his kids learn “cool principles.” While mentioning that he also wanted to have some athletes in the family before concluding that his kids could do whatever they wanted, the Love Don’t Cost a Thing star explained:

“That’s why I love watching my kids play sports, because it has nothing to do with anything. It literally depends on how much work you put in and how hard you try – that’s how you will be successful in this area. They can learn all these cool principles by having fun with their friends. I hope for some athletes. I hope that I can be the father who is there for them somewhere on the sidelines. But again, I don’t care if they want to be accountants or riders.”

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This isn’t the only time Cannon has openly supported his children. Earlier this month, Cannon shared on the Jason Lee Podcast that he’s not concerned about protecting his wealth as “every dollar” he makes, reportedly $100 million a year, goes to his family.

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