Nightlight officially launches on Steam after a delay

Developer Fringe Realities dives into virtual reality with its Project: Nightlight title. It’s a new horror title that blends interactivity and fear into a disturbing experience. However, the first launch had some known issues that Fringe Realities quickly fixed. These issues seemed to have halted the release of Project: Nightlight on Steam. All’s well for your night shift at The Department. Read on to learn more about the new VR title and its fixed bugs.

Open your mind to the darkness in VR with Project: Nightlight

For the uninformed, players take on the role of a security guard who works the department’s night shift. All are expected to align with normality until a shift into suspicious territory swirls. Something or someone is messing up the security systems when we should really only be on the clock with ourselves and our colleague Dave. By communicating via walkie-talkie, it’s up to us to find out who or what was messing around in the dark while protecting the artifact from the department.

Of course, words cannot do justice to a VR title. With that in mind, Fringe Realities put together a short but sweet launch trailer for Project: Nightlight. In less than a minute, players will be invited to walk through The Department as they investigate an unexpected incident. Dave, the aforementioned colleague, can be heard throughout the footage, complemented by up close virtual reality interconnectivity. However, keep your eyes peeled for the end of the trailer; we catch a glimpse of the madness we are dealing with.

While Project: Nightlight is now available to download, there were a few issues blocking the original March 3rd release date. After solving some problems, Fringe Realities was able to launch its game. Here are the known issues that have been brought to light:

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Some minor inconsistencies with lighting across double doors throughout gameplay Occlusion issues throughout gameplay Certain SFX cues not activating Minor AI bugs Certain settings features are still being worked on

Project: Nightlight is available to download now on Steam VR for $17.99. The official Steam page for the game also shares a few social links. This way you stay informed about new developments and other topics.

What do you think of Project: Nightlight from Fringe Realities? Let us know in the comments!