Nodle provides “the smart contract for the mobile computing platform”.

If there’s one name that should be on everyone’s radar in 2023, it’s Nodle. Nodle is a decentralized wireless network that uses Bluetooth technology to connect IoT devices and the internet. Today, Nodle makes it possible to build a fully decentralized network using nothing more than smartphones.

“Nodlers”, small wireless nodes that connect to the Nodle network and act as relays for IoT devices, power the Nodle network. Nodle rewards people running these nodes with its own cryptocurrency, NODL, which can be traded on various compatible exchanges. Additionally, Nodle’s network is built to be highly scalable and cost-effective, making it ideal for a variety of IoT applications ranging from asset tracking to smart homes to industrial automation.

Nodle’s intelligent missions

Smart Missions are an innovative and exciting feature added to Nodle’s network. The idea behind Smart Missions is simple: Nodle works with companies to create missions that encourage users to complete specific tasks with their IoT devices. NODL, the cryptocurrency that powers the Nodle network, is awarded to users who successfully complete the tasks.

In terms of use cases, the missions can be as simple as taking a photo or connecting to a specific sensor or device that may be present at a specific location, after which payment would be made for completing the task. The potential for this type of technology is definitely huge, given that

The Nodle app was previously used to identify stolen cars through clever use of Bluetooth identifiers on Nodle-connected smartphones.

Also, the Nodle app could even download and run Smart Missions that the user chooses, while the majority of other Nodle SDK enabled apps would normally delegate that obligation to a third party that may or may not be as reliable.

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Why are smart missions important?

First of all, Smart Missions provide an additional incentive for users to join the Nodle Network. Users are encouraged to keep their smartphones active on the Nodle network and actively engage with the Nodle ecosystem by earning NODL for completing missions.

Second, Smart Missions demonstrate the versatility of the Nodle network. Nodle is able to demonstrate how its technology can be applied to a wide variety of use cases, collaborating with companies across multiple industries, from innovative business solutions to tracking the movements of valuable assets.

Simply put, Smart Missions help expand the Nodle network. As more people participate in Smart Missions and earn NODL, the demand for the cryptocurrency will increase, which will help drive adoption of the Nodle network in the future.

Is Nodle really that groundbreaking?

Nodle has already accomplished a number of notable feats. It raised $42 million through a crowd loan (contributors will get their money back next year) and acquired the 11th Polkadot parachain slot with 2,475,528 DOTs and 8,000 contributors. The company has also successfully transitioned from a single substrate chain to the Polkadot parachain, which improved security features and decentralization aspects. Nodle also released a roadmap demonstrating the value and usefulness of the network over time. Finally, NODL has 712,778 token holders, ranking third in the ecosystem.

In 2022, the company’s native token was also listed on seven exchanges. Nodle entered the Brazilian market in September of the same year and unveiled the NFT function in the Nodle app. The company also announced the integration of Nodle with Ledger and signed its first major paying on-chain customer, Roole.

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Nodle intends to bring smart mission developers into the network in the future to deploy smart missions and decentralized applications. The social layer of the Nodle app is enhanced by adding certain features that greatly enhance the possibilities of digital communities, such as: B. additional NFT functionalities, proof of participation, a marketplace, instant messaging and more. Nodle will also continue to improve its utility SDK to enable partners with proprietary in-app NFT mining functionalities.

A new era of digitization?

Smart Missions are an ingenious way for Nodle to encourage consumers to participate in the Nodle network while demonstrating the versatility of its technology. Nodle drives network adoption and promotes the benefits of decentralized IoT connectivity by partnering with companies across industries and creating missions that reward users with NODL.

With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what new Smart Missions the company develops in the future and how these will contribute to Web3’s ever-growing popularity and mainstream adoption as the Nodle Network expands and evolves.

For more information, visit Nodle’s official website and social networks.