Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 are now getting Android 13

Nokia has released the Android 13 update for a couple of budget smartphones. The Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 will get the new Android version in some regions including Asia and Europe. They follow the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 in the Android 13 party. The latter two got the big update earlier this month.

The Android 13 update for the Nokia G50 comes with firmware version V3.200. The same update for the Nokia XR20 carries the build number V3.220, Both models receive the November security patch with this version. While the December patch is already out, it’s still a relatively recent patch that Nokia is sending out. More importantly, this update is about Android 13 rather than security releases, so it’s not an issue.

The official changelog provided by Nokia names a handful of innovations and improvements for the two budget smartphones. For starters, we have themed app icons, which are nothing more than Android dynamic coloring. It lets you match the color scheme of app icons and other system UI elements to that of your wallpaper. This provides a consistent look and feel when navigating through the device.

Additionally, a photo picker feature now lets you selectively share your photos and videos with third-party apps instead of giving the apps access to your entire library. Downloaded apps, meanwhile, won’t start sending notifications until you manually allow them to. Last but not least, you get a richer media player with visual enhancements for the playbar and album art.

As previously mentioned, the Android 13 update for the Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 is now available in some European and Asian countries. A wider rollout is expected to follow soon. As usual, updates will be released in batches and may take some time to reach all eligible entities. If you’re using one of these Nokia smartphones, look out for a notification asking you to download the OTA (over the air) update.

More Nokia devices will get Android 13

Don’t expect Nokia to release major Android updates or even monthly security updates in a hurry. Certainly not as fast as Samsung or Google. However, if you’re using a qualifying Nokia smartphone or tablet, you’ll get Android 13 sooner or later. And as for that eligibility list, the company hasn’t officially provided any. Well, it has recently been confirmed that the Nokia G11 Plus will get the new Android version. But devices like the Nokia G10, G20, G11, G21, G60 and X30 should also be considered. We also expect the Nokia T10, T20 and T21 tablets to get Android 13. Stay tuned.

Nokia XR20 Android 13 changelog