North Mobile County residents begin picking up the pieces after a tornado rips through the area

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Those living off US 43 are still shaken by yesterday’s tornado. Will Henderson was at his home on Cedar Creek Landing when the storm hit.

“I didn’t hear anything when the lights went out. It just sounded like a big train was coming, I just heard stuff blowing around the yard,” said Will Henderson. “It was crazy, nothing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

Henderson says he took cover in the hallway but could hear the wind picking up.

“It just sounded like the house was about to take off,” Henderson added. “I didn’t know what to do, so I just prayed that you would know. I just stayed there and prayed to God, I’m just blessed to be here today.”

Henderson and his family spent the morning cleaning up the last of the branches and bringing back anything that had flown away. Across the street from them it was a whole different story for these three mobile homes.

A piece of one of the houses is still hanging from a tree while this remains toppled and completely torn apart.

“It’s mostly just a junk pile,” said property owner Altharis Lang Threatt.

Homeowner Altharis Lang Threatt and her family spent much of the day carrying furniture out of her stepdaughter’s house after the storm ripped the roof off, injuring her.

“When she got into the bathroom she said something whistled and the second time something whistled and then she said the walls fell on her,” Threatt said.

Threatt says it will take a while to pick up the pieces, but she’s grateful people stopped by to help.

“Nobody has to, but I thank God for everyone he’s sent,” Threatt said.

Everyone is glad the storms didn’t cause more damage.

“Thank god everyone is okay,” added Threatt. “We can get more stuff, we have too much stuff anyway.”

“I thought I was gone, man, I saw my whole life flash before me when that stuff happened. I thought I was gone, I’m just blessed to be here,” Henderson said.

Threatt says her daughter is doing better and has been discharged from the hospital.

According to the National Weather Service in Mobile, the twister was a strong EF2 with peak winds estimated at 125 mph. The twister cut a path that was 11.4 miles long and 200 yards wide. The tornado landed east of US 45 near Gulfcrest and intensified as it crossed Movico Loop Road East. It peaked in intensity and width near US 43 and Cedar Creek Landing Road before narrowing and uplifting, the NWS said.

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