November Google System updates bring Wallet improvements

Google has started rolling out monthly Google System Updates for November 2022. The latest round of updates for Android devices brings several new features, improvements, and bug fixes to various Android systems and Google services, including Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is getting new features and improvements with the latest system updates

First of all, Google allows merchants using GPay to accept payments from customers to customize the wallet logo. Merchants can dynamically create the GPay button according to their preferences. And when users complete an online transaction using the GPay button, they receive a confirmation notification. An API (application programming interface) update allows app and web developers to add “deep links to additional Google Wallet screens.”

This month’s Google system updates also bring improvements to SMART Health Card in Wallet. When importing loyalty cards from Gmail into Wallet, you can also selectively exclude cards. Meanwhile, for users in Japan, Google is extending FeliCa payment support to all FeliCa-enabled devices. The company also limits passes to a single device or user worldwide. Last but not least, the latest updates bring major improvements to the digital car key functionality in Wallet.

Elsewhere, Google is extending photo picker support to pretty much every existing Android device, as far back as Android 4.4. Android developers will also get new account management, machine learning, and AI-related services features in their apps. There are also “critical” bug fixes for services related to account management and system management and diagnostics.

The Google Play Store is also getting new formats for search results. The children’s menu format on large screen devices such as tablets has also been updated. Meanwhile, new update prompts help users fix app crashes. Users who don’t have regular access to Wi-Fi can also update apps automatically over limited mobile data. Google has also announced changes to Play Store game cluster views on Chromebooks.

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Updates for Nearby Share and parental controls

The November Google System Updates also include changes for Nearby Share. Google drops the Nearby Share button on the Android system blade, along with other share targets. It currently holds a prominent place at the top. Also, supervised users can now make changes to the device clock with no time limit. Finally, Google has improved the tutorial experience for new Android features. All of these changes will be rolling out to Android users worldwide over the next few weeks with updates to Google Play Services and the Google Play Store.