Now find out if your iPhone or Android is spying on you through the camera

THERE’S a new trick that will tell you if your smartphone is listening to you.

Most smartphone users have examples of when they’ve seen mobile ads for things they’ve only physically spoken about — and haven’t yet searched for them online.


Unlike Apple iPhones, Android doesn’t automatically notify you when the camera or microphone is recordingPhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

Although there is no concrete evidence that your phone is secretly spying on you, many people believe in the urban legend.

For iPhone owners, a small orange dot will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen when the microphone is on or recently accessed.

If your camera is in use or has recently taken a picture, you will see a green dot.

If you have an iPhone with a home button, Press the home button twice to view the stack of open apps.

If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button, easy swipe up when you’re on that home screen and close all open apps.

Once the apps are closed, go to settings > privacy > microphone or camera.

Browse through the listed apps and turn off the switch for any apps that you think don’t need access to your phone’s camera or microphone.

Some apps, such as B. Video chat apps need full access.

But games, maps, and utilities like flashlights don’t need access.

What if I have an Android phone?

Unlike Apple iPhones, Android doesn’t automatically notify you when the camera or microphone is recording.

But you can find out for yourself.

An app for Android phones called Access Dots mimics iOS 14’s camera and microphone icons in the top-right corner of your phone screen.

If you see the light on and want to stop using your microphone or camera, Swipe to the middle of your screen then from below Swipe your finger from left to right.

Tap on the left Delete everythingwhich will close all your apps at once.

Open to check which apps you’re giving microphone and camera access on Android settings > personally > Privacy and Security > App Permissions.

Then tap microphone or camera and find the app for which you want to turn off the microphone or camera.

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