Nvidia Stock: Inventory Glut and Sales Decline (NASDAQ:NVDA)

Justin Sullivan

Business overview and investment thesis

Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) is a major player in the semiconductor industry and fabless chip designer. The company develops a range of products including graphics processing units, also known as GPUs, central processing units (CPUs), data processing units (DPUs) and network interface controllers (NICs). NVDA is really known for its GPUs, which could be considered the backbone of the company. With this product range, NVDA serves markets such as gaming, data centers, professional visualization, autonomous vehicles and OEMs.

Nvidia 4Q-23 results

Nvidia Quarterly Financial Highlights (Company’s 10-Q)

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Results of the market platforms

Highlights of Nvidia Market Platforms (Company’s 10-Q)

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The central theses

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bottom line