Offers and free apps to play or customize your Android phone

From time to time, some premium apps on the Play Store drastically reduce their price or become free for a limited time. We took the opportunity to make a selection of the most outstanding ones that are now free.

If you don’t have much storage space on your phone, start with that or get a microSD to take full advantage of what the Play Store has to offer and get lots of free apps or something you like a lot. Hurry up as some apps will be available for free for a short time. Don’t miss the opportunity. which one do you keep

Premium applications that you can download for free

So that you can enjoy many free games and apps, we have made a selection of paid applications that are now free for a short time. Below you will find several applications with icon packs that will allow you to customize your phone to your liking.

Infinity Dungeons 2! It’s a very simple game in which you have to defeat zombies thanks to your team. You will have a great time fighting them and discovering new characters. It is one of the many games that you can now find free to pass the tattoo on mobile like Everybody’s RPG which is now also free for a short time. Find out more!

GoldOx – The gold icon pack. Glidey – Minimal puzzle game. Nougat Square icon pack. Pixel Mesh White Icon Pack. iLinear – designs ta ligne. Much luck! – 2D platform game. Offers in the Play Store with many discounted apps

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There are many applications that you can find these days at a reduced price, from those that stay at less than a euro or 50 cents, to those that lower their price to 6 euros, which keeps them very cheap. We have selected the most outstanding among which you can find some to fix your mobile screen, several drawings and designs and many others among which more than one will be of interest to you.

the app Rusty Lake Hotel It’s a game in which you have to give the welcome guests and make sure that nothing happens to them. It’s a mysterious adventure in which you’ll have a great time, with an intriguing story and good graphics. You will find several similar games for your phone so you can have a great time. Now for only 1.19 euros it is half the price so take the opportunity to get it and if you want other similar ones that we will propose later in the same style also on offer. Learn more!

Rusty Lake Hotel, from 2.39 euros to 1.19 euros. Limbo, from 4.79 euros to 0.49 euros. SFD: Rogue TRPG, from 4.59 euros to 0.79 euros. The White Door, from 2.99 euros to 1.79 euros. Mystic Pillars: A Puzzle Game, from 3.79 euros to 1.29 euros. Demetrios, from 3.49 euros to 1.19 euros. Runic Curse, from 3.59 euros to 0.19 euros. Note Fighter, from 1.79 euros to 0.99 euros. Brain App: Ult. Brain training, from 9.99 euros to 1.09 euros. Screen repair and calibrator P, from 5.49 euros to 2.59 euros. Display Calibration Pro, from 5.49 euros to 2.59 euros. Boxing Gym Story, from 6.99 euros to 3.19 euros. Burger Bistro Story from 6.99 euros to 3.19 euros. Pocket Academy 3, from 6.99 euros to 3.19 euros. Convenience Stories from 6.99 euros to 3.19 euros. Through the derkest of Times, from 7.99 euros to 1.99 euros. front armies [RTS]from 2.99 euros to 1.19 euros. Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords, from €6.49 to €1.59. Bozzetto a matita HD, from 8.49 euros to 4.09 euros. Streets of Rage 4 from 8.99 euros to 5.99 euros. SaGa Frontier Remastered for 17.99 euros. Romancing SaGa 2 for 5.99 euros. Collection of SaGa FF Legend, at 12.99 euros. SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions for 9.99 euros. Rusty Lake: Roots, from €3.59 to €1.79. Rusty Lake Paradise, from 3.59 euros to 1.79 euros. NightmareF: A Knight’s Tales, from 2.19 euros to 1.19 euros.

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