On my radar: Imran’s ex-wife is getting married in the US

Imran’s ex-wife is getting married in the USA
The ex-wife of Pakistan’s ex-PM Imran Khan, Reham Khan, 49, announced her third marriage to Mirza Bilal Baig, a businesswoman, actress and former model, in the United States on Friday. Baig is 13 years her junior. This is also Baig’s third marriage. Reham was born in Ajdabiya, Libya in 1973 and grew up in Pakistan. Imran Khan is married to his third wife Bushra Wattoo – a conservative “spiritual healer” – and married her in 2018. A former television journalist, Reham, who lives in America, said in a Twitter post, “We had a beautiful Nikkah ceremony in Seattle with the blessings of @MirzaBilal’s parents and my son as my Vakeel.” Previously, Reham announced their wedding, by posting a picture of two hands and the words “Just Married”. She shared several photos on social media.

Sonia Gandhi must be in the photo frame
On Tuesday, when Lok Sabha was briefly adjourned over the India-China border issue, opposition female MPs from the NCP, YSRCP, DMK, TMC and Congress found a few minutes to catch up. Some of them took a group photo indoors and initially missed Sonia Gandhi who was busy in the front row speaking to Farooq Abdullah from the National Conference. Abdullah pointed out to them that Sonia Gandhi was also present in the house. NCP’s Supriya Sule said they would come to Sonia’s side for a group photo. With a big smile, Sonia Gandhi got up and joined them.

A senior couple’s horrifying experience
A shocking incident took place in the middle of Monday night around 2.15am in New Rajinder Nagar, central Delhi, when a police sub-inspector “harassed” an elderly couple along with an extremely agitated and screaming lawyer around the grill door of their first floor home to get forcefully opened “to shove the estranged daughter-in-law inside,” although the matter is pending in a Rohini family court. In desperation, the old lady Saroj Dhingra (65) spent half an hour calling the senior citizens’ phone and the police control center. The incident was caught on video surveillance of the building and the street. Saroj and her husband Anil Dhingra (65+) have serious medical problems. Their only child, Rahul, married about three years ago, but the wife, Richa Nagpal, reportedly left home after a few months as Rahul claimed he was not comfortable with aging parents living apart. A few months ago, the woman moved the Rohini family court to return home. Rahul has denied this. The matter was listed for February 2023. In a complaint to the police, Saroj has claimed that Nagpal, along with her lawyer Ashish Kapoor, who looked drunk, reached her home Monday night and attempted to enter by force. Saroj said that she did not open the grill door lock. She called the seniors’ phone and the police control center several times. A police car arrived after a long delay. Meanwhile, Vinod, the sole sub-inspector at Rajinder Nagar local police station, reached there and instead of helping Saroj, tried to force Nagpal and her lawyer into the house, saying that “she came to pick up her clothes”. Frightened, Saroj did not open the lock and SI kept telling her in a gruff tone that they could enter the house. Desperate, Saroj called her close relatives and one of them spoke to SI over the phone speaker and asked him to see for himself if it was a civilized time in the middle of the night for her to come and if it was ethical on her part lawyer to accompany her client to this hour of the night. But SI wasn’t listening. When told that his “unprofessional conduct” would be reported to higher police authorities, the SI said, “I don’t care.” After a while, the SI walked away with Nagpal and her lawyer. The SI threatened her and her son Rahul that he would have them arrested tomorrow morning. “It was shocking to see a lawyer who was acting drunk engaging in the unethical practice of accompanying his client to a scary hour instead of taking the case to court,” Saroj claimed. A week has passed and police have yet to crack down on their own SI for his “unprofessional conduct” and those who indulged in the chaos.

Indian dairy owners, workers in New Zealand facing violence
Dairy owners of Indian origin and workers in New Zealand live in fear. You are faced with violence. The shop of a dairy owner of Indian origin was attacked by a gang of burglars a few days ago. Ajit Patel, who has a dairy on Melrose Road, Auckland, said five masked men with baseball bats came into his shop and tried to take the register but were unsuccessful. Patel’s shop was among six shops in the Auckland and Waikato areas of the country that were attacked by a group of burglars earlier this week. The incident came days after four men broke into the milk shop of Puneet Singh, a native of India, in Hamilton and cut off two of his employee’s fingers with a machete.