OnePlus OxygenOS 14 features wish list

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 could be the next stable software release of the OnePlus-exclusive software. On February 8th, Google presented the first developer preview of its latest mobile operating system – Android 14. Android 14, dubbed Upside Down Cake, is an iterative upgrade to Android 13, bringing with it several new features and some improvements.

With Android 14 officially for developers, OnePlus fans have started speculating about the OxygenOS 14 update’s new features on their devices. Google may push the official Android 14 release to August this year, while the OxygenOS 14 beta may roll out by the end of April.

Several OnePlus devices have already been updated to Android 13, and consumers have now started discussing the Android 14 update. In particular, OnePlus devices that are eligible for a major upgrade would receive OxygenOS 13.1 before Android 14.

Following OnePlus tradition, the upcoming OxygenOS 14 could come with some new features and improved system performance over OxygenOS 13.1. As we get closer to the official launch of Android 14, it’s time to ask what features do we want with the OxygenOS 14 update.

On the other hand, the company’s official statement states that OxygenOS 14 is under development and may focus on performance, multimedia and privacy aspects. But it would be great if the tech maker brought the missing stuff into the OxygenOS 13 build.

Here we describe some of the essential features that the company should bring with OxygenOS 14.

OxygenSO 14 Features Wishlist: Introduce lock screen customization Stock Android media player theme Material They support for more apps Introduce new themes in the OnePlus theme store app Auto-rotate toggle that flips to the opposite side when switching to landscape mode toggles, change layout in app drawer and allow more than 4 apps. Allow notifications to be cleared both to the left and to the right. Close the app drawer with a swipe down

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Latest information:

Google rolled out many new features, changes, and improvements to Pixel devices with the second Android 14 Developer Preview earlier in March. Along with several features and improvements, the company has also added a contrast slider to Material You with Android 14. Now we can assume that OxygrnOS 14 could transform Material You into an ultimate streaming feature.

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