OptimizeRx Gains Market Traction from Deployment of its AI/RWE Solution

OptimizeRx Corp., a leading provider of point-of-care technology solutions that help patients initiate and maintain therapy, announced results of a recent program leveraging its patent-pending artificial intelligence technology and real-world data , to reduce the time to diagnosis and therapy a complex disease. The purpose of the customer engagement was to help healthcare providers identify patients eligible for a specialty therapy within a narrow window of treatment eligibility. The results showed a significant increase in patient identification and engagement with providers, as well as a significant improvement in overall outcomes.

During the program, the company deployed its proprietary Artificial Intelligence/Real-World Evidence (AI/RWE) technology and leveraged predictive analytics methods applied to various real-world datasets to identify eligible patients adhering to the registration window for approach a treatment with a special therapy. The company then asked the treating physicians of these patients to consider and initiate therapy via the use of Electronic Medical Record (EHR) based communication.

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Key benefits of the treatment-specific model include:

  • Earlier patient identification (the ability to identify eligible patients before they are branded to prevent them from missing the treatment window)
  • Data-driven qualification (access to visibility into multiple patient records, including specific care settings and milestones, allowing the predictive model to identify brand-qualified patients when a single clear eligibility criterion does not exist)
  • Physician list validation (the use of efficient, targeted and focused brand communication for specialists with suitable patients)
  • Point-of-care integration (the position directly in the EHR workflow, patient qualification awareness, when and where providers make treatment decisions)

The results of the year-long case study were:

  • 28% more patients entering therapy, per healthcare provider
  • 33% of new patients from the healthcare providers identified by the model

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“Timely and accurate patient identification is a major challenge for providers, particularly for complex diseases that require specialized treatments,” said Steve Silvestro, Chief Commercial Officer of OptimizeRx. “Physicians struggle to get a complete picture of a patient’s medical history due to a lack of interoperability between disparate EHR networks where the patient is seen by other providers. This lack of clarity often leads to misdiagnosis or prolonged delays in disease detection, ultimately having life-changing effects on patients.
“I am pleased with the results of this program because it demonstrates how we have successfully used our AI/RWE solution to address the complex challenges physicians have had in effectively identifying suitable patients for this therapy,” continued Silvestro . “Using our proprietary technology, we were able to collect, sort, and interpret information to directly identify providers who were likely to have a patient eligible for that therapy, and to inform those providers about those patients in a timely and efficient manner. We have delivered exceptional results to our manufacturing partner while reducing the complexity of the delivery system for healthcare providers and their patients.”

OptimizeRx provides best-in-class healthcare technology that enables care-centric collaboration between life science organizations, healthcare providers and patients at critical points throughout patient care. OptimizeRx connects over 60% of US healthcare providers and millions of their patients via the smartest technology platform embedded in a proprietary digital point-of-care network, helping patients take and maintain their medication.

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