Overwatch 2 Reaper duo stopped fighting during Pride event and “fell in love”.

Philip Trahan

❘ Published: 2023-06-03T20:45:01

❘ Updated: 2023-06-03T20:45:11

An Overwatch 2 player shared a “beautiful” moment between two Reaper players who stopped fighting and “fell in love” during the Pride event.

Overwatch 2 has just kicked off its official Pride event, which began on June 1st, 2023. During the Pride event, players will be able to see subtle changes to the Midtown map, as well as new player icons, name cards, and a short story.

Although this event marks the first time Pride month has been officially highlighted in-game, some members of the LGBTQ+ community were not enthusiastic about the event. Still, that hasn’t stopped everyone from appreciating the gesture.

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Now, an Overwatch 2 fan has shared a case where two Reapers on opposing teams in a Quick Play match put their differences aside to enjoy the view of Colosseo before “falling in love.”

The Overwatch 2 Reaper duo share a special moment during the Pride event

The story comes from a player on the Overwatch subreddit named KDMKat, who captioned the post, “Sometimes Overwatch can be a beautiful place.” The OP further explained, “The two reapers in my match fell in love, so in that match we played 4v4.”

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They shared a screenshot of an interaction between two enemy Reapers named Jarebear and Vesneon, who started chatting with each other during a Quick Play match.

The two Reapers met on the battlefield before Jarebear typed, “Listen to me. I would die for you. You know who you are,” clearly referring to his Reaper counterpart.

The other Reaper, Vesneon, finally responded and said, “Take me on a date first,” and the two ended up having a nice stroll around Colosseo for the rest of the Quick Play match.

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Overwatch 2 fans found the interaction just as amusing as the Reapers teammates, and many joked about the scenario in the comments. “Really Jarebear? You really didn’t say, ‘I would die, die, die for you,'” said one user, referencing Reaper’s iconic line of speech with the ultimate ability.

However, some were curious if the duo’s teammates wouldn’t fret over the loss of two players mid-game. The OP said, “Yeah, that was just a quick game and we had a full stack, so I’m assuming the other team also had or almost a full stack.”

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All in all though, the community seems to have enjoyed seeing this casual fun rather than the “sweaty” nature of the typical competitive Overwatch 2. Hopefully other players will indulge in some easygoing fun for the remainder of the game’s Pride event.