Owner captures Bull Terrier’s hilarious reaction to playing hide and seek

The internet is left in hysteria over a bull terrier playing hide and seek with its owner.

The viral clip, posted by @tankthebullterrior – an account dedicated to the dog – shows Issac Watson, the owner, standing behind a door while Tank eagerly searches for him.

The game, often played by children and surprisingly fun with dogs, has been viewed 14 million times and has garnered 2.8 million likes.

A file photo of a bull terrier. Millions have seen the same breed play hide and seek with its owner on TikTok.
AleMasche72/iStock/Getty Images Plus

How to play hide and seek with your dog

Fetching and snuggling on the sofa are great ways to bond with your furry friends, but you can also enjoy a classic children’s game with them.

Any dog ​​can play, as long as they understand the “sit, stay, come” and “find” commands, according to Outward Hound. The pet product company has provided four steps you need to follow to play hide and seek with your dog:

  1. Lead your dog into a room and command “sit” before backing up and telling them to stay. Make sure your dog can see you first and understands that you should remain seated.
  2. Position your dog with its back against the wall or furniture. Then say “sit and stay” before stepping out of sight. Your dog can follow, so this step should be repeated until he or she understands the “stay” command.
  3. When your dog is ready, you can hide properly. You should call out your dog’s name and “Come” or “Find me.” Hide in a simple place at the beginning and over time you can increase the complexity of your spots.
  4. Remember to lovingly reward him or her for successfully finding you!

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It’s important to give your dog treats or their favorite toy during the learning process to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

what do the comments say

TikTok users can’t get enough of the hilarious clip, and more than 4,500 people have commented on it.

One user commented on what she thinks the dog was thinking. The popular comment has garnered 98,500 likes and says, “Because I know I smell it right here.”

Another user commented on Tank’s attitude: “The leg lift at the end for a better view… it’s like turning down the radio when you’re lost.”

“He said, ‘I know this house better not be haunted,'” said another.

One person said, “Your smile when he sees you is so healthy.”

“That’s his ‘I can smell you but I can’t see you’ face,” read another comment.

This isn’t the first time Newsweek has shared a funny dog ​​story, previously the internet laughed at a dog who demanded that its owner fetch with fluff.