Paris police report for Tuesday (April 25)

Paris police department releases body-worn video of traffic stop Recently, the city became aware of cellphone video footage showing “a portion” of a traffic stop carried out by a Paris police officer on a 23-year-old man identified as Tyler Hill has social media circulating along with misleading narrative comments. We have prepared this press release to provide a more complete and accurate description of the events.

On December 31, 2022, a Parisian police officer stopped a red 2011 Cadillac at the 2800 block of Lamar Avenue because of a defective taillight. Tyler Hill, 23, operated the vehicle and two others manned it. The officer communicated with the driver through the front passenger window and asked for the driver’s ID and proof of insurance. The driver was unable to produce either document, but gave his name and date of birth when asked by the officer. The officer then noticed that the vehicle’s registration had expired five months earlier and alerted the driver.

The officer then returned to his squad car to use his on-board computer to confirm the information provided by the driver. When the officer returned to the car, he told the driver that if he could not provide proof of insurance, he would receive a warning about his defective taillight and a warning that he would not have insurance. The officer then asked Mr Hill for his current address. Mr Hill refused to provide his address and asked the officer what would happen if he did not provide his physical address. The officer told Hill they would arrest him if he didn’t provide the address. The officer then gave Hill ample opportunity to comply with his request. Hill still refused and was told he had to exit his vehicle.

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Mr Hill refused to exit the vehicle. The officer then called other officers to his location to assist while maintaining control of Mr Hill’s arm while attempting to remove him from the car. Mr Hill continued to resist arrest, was cautioned and eventually received pepper spray. As a result of Mr Hill’s actions, he was then forcibly removed from his vehicle and arrested when more officers arrived. The two passengers were identified and released from the scene without incident, and they impounded Hill’s vehicle.

A search of Hill’s vehicle turned up evidence of marijuana residue and paraphernalia. If Mr. Hill had simply given his address when asked, they would not have arrested him. Had he not fought back, he would not have been pepper sprayed, handcuffed or charged with a Class A misdemeanor of resisting arrest, and they would not have impounded his vehicle. He would have received a subpoena because he had no insurance and was allowed to spend his evening.

The city supports the police department and its officers and is confident that the facts and the law will help the officers in this case. Simultaneously with this statement, the Police Department will release the officer’s entire bodycam recording so that a more complete and accurate account of the incident can be compared to the social media video that has been circulating. The published video is edited to a limited extent in order to protect the confidential personal data of third parties.


At 2:16pm Monday, officers responded to a family disturbance in the 4200 block of Castlegate St. The victim, a 32-year-old man, told officers his longtime girlfriend had assaulted him by throwing objects at him. The victim showed officers cellphone video of the attack as it happened. Despite a scratch on his arm and a cut on his forehead, the victim did not want to press charges.

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The 26-year-old suspect was allowed to leave the apartment with a family member. The victim legally owned a handgun, which he explained to officers upon their arrival. They took the gun for security reasons during the officer’s investigation and returned it to the victim after officers left the scene.

Officers made 18 traffic stops on April 24, 2023, arrested one and answered 111 emergency calls