Branch’s growing investment in abuse mitigation addresses industry-wide challenges

PALO ALTO, California, December 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — branch, the leader in mobile linking and measurement, was recently unveiled as a key partner in fighting multinational phishing campaigns. In collaboration with Meta as highlighted in their Surveillance-for-Hire Industry Threat Report Branch’s market-leading anti-abuse capabilities released yesterday helped take down a sophisticated surveillance-for-hire threat actor.

“Branch is a crucial partner for major cloud providers and social media networks in the ongoing battle against bad actors like surveillance firms,” ​​he said Jamie Fullerton, security chief, branch office. “This type of collaboration is an example of the importance of a societal response to combating this growing, rogue industry.”

Branch has identified and removed thousands of abusive links since 2019, and this response is just the latest example of Branch’s ongoing collaborative effort with major cloud providers and social networks to combat this society-wide challenge. Branch’s extensive work helps keep the industry one step ahead of the industry while malicious parties continue to improve their techniques.

Upon detection of abuse of the Branch platform by bad actors, including surveillance companies, Branch will take immediate action to remove abusive links and disable accounts. In the specific example in Meta’s reportCyberRoot Risk Advisory Private, based in India, abused the Branch platform to create, manage, and track links with the aim of driving traffic to malicious websites. Within 24 hours of notifying Meta’s Threat Disruption team, Branch ran the pattern through its proprietary, internal abuse detection controls and directly deleted all 16 malicious links associated with this threat actor.

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Among other extensive anti-phishing measures, Branch provides a reporting channel for those who have seen the Branch platform being used for phishing via the Report Phishing Attempt section security reports Side. If you suspect abuse for an URL, please help Branch combat this societal challenge by reporting abuse on their platform.

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Branch provides the industry-leading mobile connection and measurement platforms, unifying user experience and attribution across devices and channels. Chosen by over 100,000 apps including Adobe, BuzzFeed, Yelp and many more since 2014, Branch improves experiences for more than 3 billion monthly users around the world.

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