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If you’re thinking of upping your game in fitness and training, Pedometer has released the latest update that brings better integration with your smartphone and smartwatch, focusing on Apple devices. Pedometer++ 5 is now available for the public to download and focuses on the latest feature of iPhone workout tracking without the smartwatch, additional Apple Watch features and more.

The app focuses on the latest developments that would help the users to focus more on their fitness journey and provide them with the necessary information in a comprehensive way.

Pedometer++ 5 brings the latest features to iOS training (Photo: Pedometer app screenshots via Apple App Store)

David Smith, the developer of the famous Pedometer++, announced the latest version of the app and its latest available features to the world, focusing on an improved version that is more than an Apple Watch app.

The Pedometer++ 5 is inspired by Smith’s trip to the mountains, and this prompted him to create a new “rich map” feature for the app that would integrate with the Apple Watch for better hiking navigation.

While other map apps are available for the smartwatch, Smith said it felt cumbersome to use, something he hopes to address with the latest version, one that would feel natural, especially for someone like him who’s kind of like him has climb.

Additionally, Pedometer++ Version 5 extends its exercise or activity tracking capability to the iPhone to stand alone in that department without the need for the Apple wearable.

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Apple Watch, iPhone with Pedometer++ treatment

Pedometer++ is now available on the Apple App Store and version 5 is now happy to bring the latest features to iPhones and Apple Watches and get the treatment of the app.

Smith used SwiftUI to redesign its look, which now also includes the dynamic treatment that corresponds well with the latest iPhone 14.

The pedometer for the iPhone is available, as is better map material for the Apple Watch and route management for the smartphone.

Training apps and services available on Apple

There are major workout and fitness apps or services available on Apple and it helps discover more of the many activities that iPhone users can enjoy. One of the most prominent here is the fitness app and the Fitness+ services, which offer a subscription-based package of video workout routines and health tracking.

For a better focus on different areas of the body, let’s say the abs, it’s also ideal to find other workout apps that would help highlight what’s being accomplished.

There are plenty of apps on the Apple App Store to bring workouts straight to you, and it’s a mix of paid and freemium features available for one’s needs.

Among these famous ones is Pedometer++, which was originally famous for being one of the best Apple Watch apps out there. And while Pedometer++ doesn’t give you guides to different workout routines, it does offer a brilliant way to track your progress with and without an Apple Watch to help you chart your activity throughout the day.

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