People are just realizing that Android has five “hidden” settings that will make your phone look brand new again

ANDROID users were challenged to try five hidden settings that can make their devices feel like new.

If you have an Android smartphone then you are probably aware of the many clever features it comes with.

Android users were urged to try five hidden settings that will make their devices feel newCredit: Getty

These tools are not only designed to improve your experience, but can optimize your device and streamline processes.

Here are five steps you can take today to keep your device feeling like new.

Use widgets

Androids are packed with lots of useful widgets that will make your device feel up to date.

Such functionality includes widgets or applications that enable a user to perform a function or access a service.

Widgets can range from a weather app to task scheduler and fitness apps.

And thanks to Android’s interface design, users can add them directly to their home screens.

Get rid of old files

One of the best ways to keep your device feeling like new is to delete all your old files and apps.

Not only do they no longer serve a purpose for you, they just take up valuable space.

The fastest way to manage your phone’s storage is to use the Files app.

To access it, open the Android app drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Tap My Files (or File Manager). From there, you can access your documents, downloads, images, audio, and other files.

Limit background processes

If you find that your phone is running slower than it used to, limiting your background processes can help.

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This is because it uses less RAM or memory, which can improve your device’s performance in the long run.

To do this, go to Settings > Developer Options > Background Process Limit.

There you can set the process limit between 0 and 4 – so try out a few options to see which works best for your device.

WiFi and Bluetooth

Another way to improve the performance of your phone is to reduce the overall battery consumption.

This can be done by disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning so your device doesn’t aimlessly search for networks to join.

To do this, go to Settings > Location > WiFi Scan and Settings.

From there, select Location > Bluetooth Scanning and toggle these options to Off.

Update privacy options

To finish optimizing your device, you should update or review your privacy settings.

Open the Settings app > tap Privacy > Permissions Manager.

Then browse each category to see which apps currently have access to your data.

You can go through location settings and permissions for each app.

Google has also equipped your Android phone with a free tool to further protect your privacy.

It’s called Google Play Protect and it not only helps protect your apps but also keeps your data private.

To do this, your apps and devices are checked for malicious behavior.

Some of the benefits include a scan of all apps from Google Play before you download them.

Google Play Protect should already be on by default, but if you want to be sure, you can take a look by opening the Google Play Store first.

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Tap your profile icon in the top right > find Play Protect, then select Settings > make sure Scan apps with Play Protect is turned on.