People are just realizing that Android phone screens have three hidden upgrades – don’t ignore this useful list of free perks

ANDROID users love these time-saving widgets.

If you aren’t already aware, widgets are like mini versions of phone applications and reside on your home screen.

Usually, to access an application’s services, you need to open it or turn on notifications to notify you when time-sensitive information or events have occurred.

Weather & Widget Weawow app lets you check the weather at a glanceCredit: Shutterstock List creators must try Google Keep shortcutCredit: Shutterstock Google Calendar’s widget is a quick way to see the month’s events and remindersCredit: Shutterstock

However, the beauty of widgets is that they provide the essential information of the application instantly in real time and take up more space on your home screen.

To add them to your screen, simply tap and hold an empty spot, choose “Widgets” from the menu, then long-press on the widget of your choice.

There are endless combinations of widgets you can add to your screen to enhance your Android experience.

But here are three of the best widgets to save time.

1. Weather & Widget – Weawow

By adding this widget to your home screen, you can check your local weather at a glance.

According to the Google Play Store, there are over ten variations of widgets to choose from, ranging from forecasts for the next seven hours to the whole week.

Alternatively, you can opt for one that simply shows the current temperature and conditions.

Most Read in Phones & Gadgets 2. Google Keep

Google Keep is a useful note-taking app – perfect for to-do lists and dedicated list makers everywhere.

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According to SlashGear, there are two options for Google Keep widgets: Quick Capture or Notes Collection.

The former lets you create five different types of notes right from your home screen.

This includes regular notes, lists, voice messages, drawings and photos.

Tap any of the five buttons and instantly create a new keep.

It’s groundbreaking when you take quick mental notes along the way.

Or you can select the Notes Collection widget, which displays a list of notes so you can review your to-do list at a glance.

3. Google Calendar

Choose from the calendar month or calendar schedule, according to SlashGear.

The month option allows you to quickly view the month’s events and reminders. you have previously added to that specific month.

Tap the plus icon in the widget to add a new event.

You can switch between different months by clicking the left and right arrows in the widget.

The calendar option is similar but only lists upcoming information for the next two weeks.