Perfect Corp. Rolls Out New Virtual Try-On Technology For Hairstyles Using GAN

Perfect Corp., a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions, has unveiled its new virtual hair try-on technology.

The innovative solution leverages advanced AI technology, including machine learning and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), to help brands and hair salons provide customers with hyper-realistic hairstyle simulations. This new virtual try-on solution helps consumers visualize what different haircuts look like before committing to a particular style and ultimately helps build consumer confidence while personalizing the salon experience in exciting new ways.

When simulating transitions to shorter haircuts and hairstyles, the advanced AI algorithm is able to recreate parts of the face, ears, neck and head to ensure a realistic representation of the end result. The technology also takes hair color and skin color into account when tailoring simulations to the unique characteristics of each consumer to provide inclusive and impactful AI simulations for all.

“Our goal is to solve consumer problems through the power of AI and AR technology innovation,” said Alice Chang, CEO and founder of Perfect Corp. “As beauty consumers look to brands and hair salons to provide more personalized and immersive customer experiences, Perfect Corp.’s virtual AR fitting solution will… for hairstyles provide a breakthrough tool to increase customer satisfaction.”

Lifelike previews

Perfect Corp’s virtual AI fitting technology for hairstyles allows consumers to experiment with different looks before deciding on a new haircut. Users can choose from 12 unique styles including classic bob, bob without bangs, curly bob, wavy bob, short, pixie cut, long curly, long wavy, long wavy with bangs, long straight with bangs, comb and buzz cut. The experience is further enhanced by trying on AR hair colors, offering a comprehensive suite of AR hairstyle solutions. The featured styles can also be viewed through before and after simulations, helping consumers to accurately visualize their next hair transformation. The solution removes the stressful guesswork of hairstyle consultation and helps consumers feel confident about their next salon visit.

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