Performio introduces business intelligence and advanced reporting capabilities with Analytics Studio

Product for visualizing complex data that gives executives insights to optimize sales performance

IRVINE, California, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Performio, a leading provider of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), today announced the launch of its new product Analytics Studio. With this powerful new product, Performio customers can gain dynamic insights into their compensation data and create business recommendations. The new analytics capabilities use predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to generate insights into payment and performance trends by team, territory or product that inform and improve recommendations on territories, quotas and comps. Additionally, it reports estimated compensation liabilities based on the current pipeline in a client’s CRM system to better plan and manage company-wide commission payouts.

With Analytics Studio, Performio Executive customers can create reporting visualizations, create custom views of their data, gain instant insights into their business, and use natural language questions to explore the data and create charts easily. In addition, interactive reports and dashboards can be aggregated at any level. Drill down and data exploration capabilities allow customers to gain new insights, identify trends, spot outliers and make informed decisions. Manager dashboards enable sales leadership to understand team performance and drive better results. Participant dashboards provide salespeople and other commission-based employees with intuitive and clear information to help them validate their commission payments and understand compensation plans.

“Analytics Studio is a game changer for incentive pay management,” said Dmitri Korablev, CTO, Performio. “It’s what the industry has been missing since its inception. It combines the power of AI with a robust data infrastructure and intuitive visualizations to help Performio’s clients understand their compensation data. It’s been very exciting to see how quickly our clients can start improving their compensation plans and create more effective incentives that maximize performance.”

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“Analytics Studio is the most powerful and intuitive reporting and analytics package of any incentive compensation platform on the market,” said Grayson Morris, CEO of Performio. “ICM users have always struggled to quickly and easily create their own reports and dashboards to gain insights into their sales compensation data. Now executives and sales reps alike can easily access this data to make informed decisions that improve performance.”

About Performio
Performio is the only incentive compensation management provider that drives business performance with a product built to manage complexity, a team to deliver world-class service, and a proven track record of long-term global success. Performio’s product is used worldwide by large global companies and growing mid-market companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Vodafone, Draeger, Johnson & Johnson, Nexstar, Optus, Toll Brothers, Wedbush Securities and WP Engine. Performio’s feature-rich cloud application enables companies to automate their sales commission calculations, provide greater transparency to their sales force, and adapt to changing market conditions with confidence. Visit for more information.

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