Phoenix-based travel safety app OZZI puts travelers at ease with real-time alerts

Each year, around 1.5 million college students are lured into spring breaks around the world, but they must first get through concerned parents.

With the OZZI app, both students and parents can fill in the information gaps about unfamiliar travel destinations by essentially having a local guide to whatever travel destination they choose, according to a press release.

OZZI provides users with street-level information on neighborhoods, from the safest places to book an Airbnb to cultural sensitivities in the area. The app also provides real-time alerts for world events and safety maps for each travel destination, so travelers always know when and where to go.

According to the press release, parents of spring breaks can feel from the comfort of their own home by being able to browse their children’s spring break travel destination and send them real-time tips and alerts when it’s happening.

“This app is the first of its kind,” said OZZI founder Isaiah Lopez in the press release. “Many parents and travelers alike rely on Google searches and news reports, which often don’t address risks in real time. Being up to date 24/7 on what’s going on in a certain part of the world can calm tempers.”

The OZZI app not only helps identify perceived threats, but also provides contextual insights into what to do when an emergency occurs. The app offers guides to comprehensive psychiatric and hospital services, financial and transportation disparities in the area, law enforcement information, and travel preparation tips.

“When you are in a new location and an emergency arises, you may not know who to contact,” Lopez said in the release. “OZZI provides instant access to local alerts and advice no matter where you are in the world.”

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Unlike most security apps, which just send out alerts without context, OZZI is designed to put users at ease and help them understand when something is about to affect them, the publication states.

The new iOS and Android app offers easily accessible features to help travelers and their concerned families navigate spring break.

App Features OZZI uses military software and provides accurate, real-time information verified by the United States government.

Guide to Choosing the Right Destination: Compare destinations across 11 different travel categories covering safety, health, environmental concerns, entry/exit tips, political unrest and more. Save time and money with detailed taxi guides, tips on tipping, local customs and medical recommendations. Street-level safety maps provide street-by-street warning zones to find safer areas for hotels and rentals, allowing you to explore with confidence. Global transmission rates give users an overview of increases and decreases in COVID-19 cases and the number of people vaccinated. Users can publicly view health alerts, travel restrictions, and traffic disruptions, and view detailed measures for local people.

Once exclusively available to the US military, Secret Service, law enforcement agencies and their families, OZZI is now open to the everyday traveler and offers cutting-edge news, resources and information at the touch of a button, according to the press release.

For $19.99, users get full access to all of OZZI’s features for up to 30 days, giving travelers peace of mind before and during their trip.

It can offer a local perspective to those new to town on where to buy a home, go shopping and more. Users can also use the app to follow developments in specific cities or countries and receive timely, informative alerts and updates that can help them make smart decisions and avoid unnecessary hassles while traveling.

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“Knowledge is power at home and abroad, and that’s what OZZI delivers,” Lopez said in the press release. “It makes you more aware of your surroundings than ever before.”

OZZI is currently available for download on the Apple App Store here and the Google Play Store.