Picture in picture feature for video calls in WhatsApp

You can now have that video call you love so much with your friends on WhatsApp and do other things at the same time.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced several status-related features, including language updates, emoji reactions to statuses, previewing rich links in statuses, restricting who can see an update, and showing rings around the profile picture when a new status is uploaded .

And now a new feature has arrived in WhatsApp for iOS devices known as Picture-in-Picture. Which users have long wished for it, but do you really know what this term means? Well, this feature allows users to minimize a WhatsApp video call to the corner of their screen so they can keep talking and watch the video of the person they are talking to while using other apps.

Available since 2020

While PiP mode was already available on Android since 2018 and was integrated into iOS 14, in 2020 third-party apps will have to do the configuration separately and only up to this year WhatsApp, which worked on it, was able to implement it for its video calls.

The announcement

WhatsApp first announced this feature last December, saying it was testing picture-in-picture for iOS for video calls with select people.

The instant messaging app introduced this feature with the latest version 23.3.77 of their iOS app. This allows users to reply to a message or look up some information on the phone without dropping the call.

Besides this feature, WhatsApp is also thinking about the possibility of adding a caption when sending documents on both iOS and Android. The company is also testing a feature that would allow iOS users to send 100 pictures or documents at once. Such a function is already available to Android users with the latest update.

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It is worth remembering that WhatsApp supports long descriptions for groups, with no character limit between letters, spaces, emojis and others; It also accepts custom avatars and uses them as profile picture.

How to use picture in picture for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone? To enable the feature, you must first log into the WhatsApp app and then open Settings on your iPhone. Then tap on “General” and “Picture in Picture” and change the option “Start PiP automatically” to green. Then make a test video call from WhatsApp as usual. Once you start the call, swipe the video up from the bottom of the screen and it will automatically shrink into a small window showing the video call participant, which can be moved to any corner of your smartphone screen.

The process is similar to how FaceTime video calls work, although there are a few differences. On the one hand, WhatsApp curiously shrinks the entire window, including the smaller window that shows your face, while FaceTime only shows a video of the person you’re calling. It’s a welcome feature, a little overdue but extremely useful for users of the WhatsApp app on iOS.

To take advantage of these updates, you need an iPhone 12 Pro or later. There is a small chance that some of these features are still not available even if you have updated WhatsApp and this is a staggered update.

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