Pimax announces 100% revenue share and $100,000 fund for VR developers

March 8, 2023 – Pimax, a virtual reality (VR) hardware manufacturer and provider of ultra-wide field of view (FoV) and high-resolution consumer VR devices, has announced some of its latest VR products and solutions to be presented at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 in San Francisco this month, where it will also provide attendees with more information about its Pioneer Plan Incentive Program.

To help indie developers achieve their goals, Pimax offers numerous utilities to facilitate a strong influx of new software titles into the Pimax Store ecosystem. The company said its goal is to provide the smoothest possible development and integration process for developers, while providing a compelling financial and free promotional opportunity for all indie developers on the platform.

As part of the company’s Pioneer Plan, Pimax is offering all-in-one (AIO) VR app developers 1,000 FREE Pimax Portal Dev Kits along with a total of $100,000 for eligible candidates who require additional financial support, premium billing opportunities, and the opportunity for top 50 developers to choose their own revenue split. As a result, this means that according to Pimax, potentially 100% of the revenue from these developers’ apps sold through the Pimax Store could go to the developers themselves.

The company’s Portal device is a portable 4-in-1 gaming device that also includes VR functionality.

This zero-cut approach by Pimax represents a major difference from other online stores for VR games and content, with Steam a 30% cut and Meta a 30% cut in the Quest Store and a 47.5 cut % of content sold through its Horizon Worlds social VR platform.

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Carol Yuan, Global Business Development & Partnership for VR content at Pimax, said: “We are primarily a hardware manufacturer, which Steam and Meta are not, which makes it easier for us to accept a lower price margin, but we also want to.” Promote the entire VR market as the technology advances rapidly. More high-quality VR content should also be available. Not only do we think so, but many online users think this is holding VR back.”

Pimax explained that by publishing content on the Pimax Store, developers have the opportunity to reach a wide audience and build a profitable business, while at the same time contributing to the advancement of VR technology. These incentives represent an increased effort by Pimax to encourage more developers to create content for its ecosystem of hardware devices and software solutions and to expand the range of titles available on its VR storefront.

Pimax found that building a strong VR software ecosystem is critical to the long-term success of VR technology, including its own, and Pimax is committed to that. Additionally, the company added that its pioneering plan is “just the beginning.”

Pimax makes a variety of ultra-wide field of view VR headsets, including the Pimax Crystal, which is currently available for pre-order.

Commenting on the company’s Pioneer Plan incentive program, a Pimax spokesman said, “Our goal is not only to provide cutting-edge hardware, but also to help grow the VR software industry by supporting indie game developers. We are excited to unveil our Pioneer Plan Incentive Program at GDC 2023 and demonstrate our commitment to creating a thriving VR software ecosystem.”

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Visitors to GDC 2023 this month can find Pimax at booth S1339, where the company will highlight its commitment to supporting indie game developers and growing its VR software ecosystem, and will share more information about its Pioneer Plan initiative.

Interested developers can find more information about the Pimax Pioneer Plan Initiative here.

Photo credit: Pimax

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