Pixalate’s February 2023 Mobile Invalid Traffic Overlap Report shows botnet-like behavior: Peacock TV mobile app shares >50% IVT traffic with Tubi, Pluto TV and Philo

Video streaming apps dominate the iOS IVT overlap charts, while gaming tops the Android list in February 2023

LONDON, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pixalate, the market-leading fraud protection, privacy and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising, today released the Mobile IVT Overlap Report Series: February 2023. The series highlights which mobile Google Android and Apple iOS apps show increased levels of invalid traffic (IVT).

Pixalate’s monthly analysis of suspicious traffic patterns between mobile devices and apps gives ad buyers and sellers the data they need to combat potential ad fraud. Traffic overlapping is a signal for potential botnets – existing in the mobile app ecosystem.

To learn more about our IVT Overlap Analysis and the methodology used to create these top-affected apps charts, please visit our first blog post on IVT Overlap Reports.

Top mobile apps with overlapping invalid traffic in February 2023

Android applications

Xumo Play: Over 50% shared IVT with Tubi, Pluto TV and Plex (ie over 50% of all fake traffic to Xumo Play also visited Tubi, Pluto TV and Plex) MTV: Over 50% shared IVT with Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies , Tubi – Movies & TV Shows, Philo: Live & On-Demand TVPeacock TV: Over 50% shared IVT with Tubi – Movies & TV Shows, Pluto TV – Live TV & Movies, Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

iOS apps

Bricks n Balls: 30-50% shared IVT with Sudoku.com – Numbers games type and say – Travel phrasebook, Learn French – Traveling in France Merge Monster Craft Runner: over 50% shared IVT with Color Friend vs. Lord Run, Color Monster Alphabet FriendsDominoes Battle: The Best Game: over 30-50% shared IVT with Learn German – Phrasebook, Learn Spanish-Spain Phrasebook, Survival RPG 1: Treasure Hunt

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To download a full list of February 2023 mobile apps with the most IVT overlaps, click here.

About Pixalate

Pixalate is the market-leading fraud protection, privacy and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising. We work around the clock to protect your reputation and increase your media value. Pixalate provides the only system of coordinated display, app, video and CTV solutions to better detect and eliminate ad fraud. Pixalate is an MRC-accredited Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection and filtering service across desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app and CTV advertising. www.pixalate.com


The content of this press release and the Mobile Invalid Traffic Overlap Report February 2023 (the “Report”) reflects Pixalate’s opinions regarding factors that Pixalate believes may be useful to the digital media industry. Pixalate’s opinions are just that, opinions, which means they are neither facts nor guarantees. Pixalate does not share this data to contest the reputation or reputation of any company, person or app, but rather to report insights and trends related to programmatic advertising activity in mobile apps over the period under review.

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